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GUYS!! Here Are 5 “Un-Negotiable TIPS to What Women Look For In A Man.

Being in an insanely fun and fulfilling relationship with an incredibly beautiful, intelligent, well composed, loyal, and affectionate woman who literally treats you like her king is a hundred percent every man’s great desire, actually, what feels even more great is waking up every day to a ridiculous amount of self-confidence simply because you know, without a shadow of a doubt, that you’re with a woman that deeply admires, loves, and respects you as a man and as her lover. It feels amazing to be with a woman who honestly feels that no other man out there can compare, in any way, to the one she’s with. However, to achieve all this as a man, it’s important to have mastery of what quality virtuous women look for in a man right here! here are 5 unnegotiable tips to what women look for in an alpha male.


The main value that women look for in a man is the experience of feeling like a woman. Many a times a woman wants to lose herself in her femininity and the only way she can feel this way is when a man acts like a real Man. woman are feminine creatures by nature and instinctively desire to be treated as such, no matter what society may say It’s the natural order of things, and so the more feminine a woman feels around a man, the more comfortable, secure, and desirable she will feel. It is this experience of feeling like a creature of feminine beauty that women of the millennial generation are yearning for from men.


This is the single most important thing you can do in this life. Nothing is more attractive to a quality woman than a man who places a high value on values like honesty and integrity and other qualities of a sterling manly character. while physical strength does count for a lot in stimulating a woman’s physical attraction, keeping her attracted over a long-term means that a man must also possess strength of-character and resilience. 

If you want to really impress a woman, or rather, the ideal kind of high-quality woman that you want to attract, the first thing you must do is focus on building your character and making yourself  much more masculine in a natural sense. Women are very sensitive to this value and in this context, I prefer to understand “Masculinity” in terms of a man’s character and behavior. Women are attracted to men with a great character and behavioral composition therefore as a man, it’s important for you to take control of your life, take responsibility for your thoughts and actions, and learn to properly manage your emotions. The more masculine a man is, the more feminine he will make the women around him feel.

However, Masculinity alone isn’t sufficient, women attach great appreciation to Chivalrous men. Having the ability to use courtesy and thoughtfulness to demonstrate commitment, respect, compassion, generosity, trust and honesty proves the most important aspect quality women look for in an alpha male. Therefore, focus on building your character and making yourself much more masculine in a natural sense and you will attract the women you desire.


We can now confirm that broadly, a man’s character proves an important value in determining how much a well composed woman will Love, submit, trust and respect him, It’s a major component to getting a woman have faith in your” brand of Love “. However, composed women believe in men who are highly responsive in terms of being Decisive, Handling conflict, staying calm, and concern for the needs of those they love. Don’t get me wrong, an attractive personality does count for a lot, but it’s more like the icing on the cake. In other words, personality is a great way to attract and entice a woman, but it’s your responsive character that will make her trust and count on your love, make her desire everything that you have to offer. 

Here is my number one tip to building a responsive character that women find overwhelmingly desirable,” Become secure in your ability to make intelligent decisions in the face of conflict and become a master at handling your emotions.”  The best part about this is that she cannot control it. A woman has no control over her ability or inability to feel      a sense of attraction or admiration for you if you become a master at handling conflict and managing your emotions. She’ll see you as a source of strength, and it will make it much easier for her to place her trust and security in you knowing that no matter what life throws her way you’ll be there as a source of strength and encouragement. She wants to feel secure in your ability to weather the storms of life.


The Most important thing a woman wants to be sure of about a man is her experience with him therefore the utmostunforgivable sin that can ruin a relationship with a woman is the man’s insecurities in being with her. A woman’s anticipation of her experience with a man goes beyond her physical senses in that she wants to feel secure with you in mind, body, and soul. She wants to know how you’ll deal with her emotional nature and she wants to know if she can rely on you when the going gets tough. What she really wants is a feeling of security knowing that no matter what life throws her way, you’ll be there as a source of strength and encouragement.  She wants to feel secure in your ability to weather the storms of life. 

The reason for this is because a woman is naturally hard-worked to seek out power and security from a man in order to survive, as ending up with a weak, wavering, or predatory man can greatly jeopardize her existence. At times of course, you’ll come across those women who take this “need for certainty” to the extreme, but it’s quite natural for a woman to want a certain level of security. This is why an intelligent, high-quality woman will not only be highly attracted to a man with a strong character, but she’ll become highly invested in a man who has ambition and drive. Without this certainty, a woman will not be attracted to you, or if she finds out that you’re incapable of making her feel secure over the long-term, she cannot remain attracted to you. This is simply her survival instinct at work within her. She can’t control it.


Why is it that a woman, especially a good woman, cannot stand an indecisive man? Why is it that a man who displays a lack of confidence is a complete turn off to her? How is it that an anxious and timid man will literally make a woman cringe and run in the opposite direction? And why does a man who lacks ambition have zero chance with a great woman? These are all valid questions gentlemen so I’ll tell you, It’s because all these things show that such a man is insecure with himself and his ability to make decisions, to commit to anything and to lead her. And guess what? She’s been biologically designed by her Creator to avoid these kinds of men. She MUST learn to avoid these kinds of men simply because if she and her offspring are to survive, it is not in her best interest to date and mate with these imposters. Insecurity in all of its various forms will cause a woman to become unsure about you. 

If she becomes unsure about your ability to lead, love, and take care of her emotionally and physically, she will eventually lose the respect and desire she has for you. It’s not that she doesn’t want to trust you; she has no choice in the way she feels. It’s how she was designed by nature. I very well understand how tough being a guy is, but it’s all about embracing the challenge. This is the kind of attitude that a highly composed woman will find attractive and desirable in you as it’s your strength of chivalrous masculine character and your ability to deal with your emotional composition that will determine just how much she can trust and count on you through her submission to your love and leadership.

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