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GUYS! Here is a 4 Step Process to Picking her out of her Squad.

In this generation of millennials, it’s quite often that you will hear newbies of the youthful age bracket lament about enjoy life, you only live once “. It’s with no shadow of doubt that we live once and we ought to enjoy life to the beam, however part of enjoying life is having the right squad that sets the right momentum for fun and most importantly meeting and creating connections with new people. Women prefer creating connections with men and the reverse is true, however women of beauty are rarely found alone.

 If a woman is attractive, She will most likely travel in a group. This could be a group with other ladies or a mixed group with guys and girls and this proves a hard deal to crack for many guys especially if they have to pick out a lady from her group. As a guy, if you want to meet and connect with an attractive woman in a group, you will need to know how to approach and get accepted by her group.

I remember a guy at graduate school who, while at the night club could approach groups of ladies with an intent of finding himself a night companionHe would get them roaring with laughter within moments and needing not many hours, he would be relishing on the dance floor with an awesome pretty girl. I decided to eavesdrop on his approaches to learn his secret. 

I noticed that he often talked about from time memorial his childhood life, what he saw on animal planet the other evening….. But fortunately he opened with such warmth and confidence that he got accepted into the new group and successful with his mission quite often.

Lesson! It’s not WHAT you say, it’s HOW you say it.

Here is a simple process to “Open” groups and pick a lady for a closer personal intimate connection.

#1Firstly, approach the other people in the group, and not the woman you want to meet. Open the interaction directly (e.g. “So how do you know each other?”) or indirectly (e.g. “Hey guys, can I have a minute? I need your opinion on something?”) Get creative.

#2: When the woman you want butts into a conversation you’re having with another member of the group, tell her: “I’ll get back to you in a bit.?”, and then turn back to the person you’re talking to and ask something like: “Is she always like this?” The point of this is to lower the defenses of the group and of your intended target and not make it obvious that you are interested in her. In this way once you have been accepted by the group it will be so much easy to isolate your target later on and make your move.

#3: Then you talk to the woman you want. Be fun and teasing by saying something like, “I don’t think you and I will get along you’re too nice.” Rather you can creatively say, “You’re pretty, but I normally like girls who have a sense of humor, a nice personality, and a little intelligence. You have two out of three, so you’re fine so far.” The point is not to be mean, but to flirt yet at the same time subtlety communicate that you are not desperate for her, you are in control. Also you are a fun guy who does not take things too seriously.

#4: Once you’ve warmed her up enough, tell the group: “Can I borrow her for a minute? We’ll be right here, I promise.” Then you pull her aside and set up a one-on-one date at a later time, or at least get her number. 

Folks of masculine nature, those right there are just one of those basic steps that you ought to apply so you can have a chance with a pretty much attractive woman for a better personal connection. From strangers to love birds, make that move and meet the woman of your dreams without rejection from her squad. 

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