How to deal with “ Fungal Acne.”

Fungal acne is usually mistaken for regular acne. Fungal acne is caused by an overgrowth of yeast while regular acne is caused by bacteria and clogged pores. Fungal  acne can make your skin itch unlike the regular acne. Fungal acne normally thrives on the sweat produced by the skin.
If you’ve been struggling with tiny pimple like bumps then probably you dealing with fungal acne this is normally located around the Tzone that is the chest,back and shoulders. Fungal acne looks like small white heads usually appearing on the chest, shoulders, hair roots and the back. They may appear in clusters and at times increase in size while containing pus.


As we said fungal acne is caused by yeast overgrowth but then there also other factors that trigger its growth 

  • excessive sweating 
  • foods containing oils and fatty acids 
  • use of antibiotics 
  • sweating and not showering 
  • fungal acne can also be contagious this means it can easily spread when In close with close contact with others 


You can apply raw honey on the affected area and leave it to act like a mask 

  • Opt for light weight gel moisturizers ie aloe Vera gel moisturizer 
  • Opt for moistures containing capric is the ordinary
  • You have to shower 3 times a day during the hot weather 

CAUTION Antibiotic creams used for bacterial acne may worsen the condition while regular anti acne creams may not also be effective in treating fungal acne 
If your really desperate for a quick solution then I would suggest you see a licensed dermatologist to get a definate diagnosis and anti fungal prescription I hope you find this guide helpful

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