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How to start & carry on a Romantic Conversation!

Would you say that “ LOVE “ grows over time, evolves or both ? If I could talk to your heart, what would I hear it saying now?  I can not truly remember what my life was like with out you in it. Do you ever get that feeling, like we have always been together?
Unfortunately, most people can not hold a romantic conversation without ruining it or feeling biased because they think it’s a weak move. This only leaves our minds wondering with various questions like ;


First step to romance is by complimenting your partner. Tell them what you love about about them, laugh at the jokes they make. You can also spice it up by going to a personal level and compliment their looks too. Tell them they are beautiful and sexy for instance you can say; I can not stop looking at your beautiful hazel eyes, they hold me captive.
You can also compliment their talents for example; you kiss me so well, it’s driving me crazy. For the girls this might sound bizarre but you too can ask questions. Do not sit back and wait for the man to do all the work.

You should actually know more about him than you would have it if you were on the receiving end. Ask deep questions. Put your partner in position that will make them an open book to you. 
Instead of “ How was your day ? “ Ask “ What were the highlights of your day ?” This will make them give you details sweet and sour. Whatever your intentions are with that person, ask along that line. Do not ask deep questions, if you are not looking for long term.


Ask open ended questions. This implies that you shouldn’t put your partner in a position to give you the YES or NO kind of feedback. Ask things like;What would your perfect date be like?Do you have a passion that you have not yet had a chance to do anything about? If so,what is it?
Ask things that show your genuine interest in their lives. Confess something cute to your partner. This follows suit after you have started the conversation with some romantic yet personal questions. And in a way to encourage the romantic conversation, there has to be some intimacy between the two of you.

The sweetest yet assertive gesture to do this is to cutely confess something to your partner that describes your feelings towards them. 
Be sure not to exert a lot of pressure on them. Keep the conversation light yet romantic in nature. For instance be like; I have to admit something, I have always wanted to peck you on the forehead like this since the day we met. I really want to tell you that I’m in love with the cologne that you wear. I have always wanted to know where you got that scar on your eye brow from. Well, at the end Of it all it’s either Romance or Romance.

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