OVER THE MOON: Lynda Ddane Launches Hair Line.

Lockdown TV queen Lynda Ddane is turning the 50k she earns at NTV into millions. The bubbly TV host partnered with two ladies  that are experts in the hair field and earlier this week launched a hair line called Gartya World.  “I can happily announce Gartya world is up and running. So ladies and gentlemen let’s talk hair. A toast to new partnerships,” posted Ddane.
 Gartya world is an all-round hair brand ; dealing in hair Pieces (all natural , Brazilian and the likes)  and wigs imported and in-made customized to one’s liking  plus hair accessories (like hair clips and oils ).

With Covid 19 reducing entertainment to TV music shows, Lynda Ddane has earned herself the title of queen of the lockdown as her fan base has greatly increased during this time.

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