Sharing a wardrobe with bae

Borrowed style. We have all had moments where we want to wear something that belongs to our lovers… how do you and still look fly?
Love is a beautiful thing. And what’s better than having a significant other with whom you can poach on each other’s closets from time to time? Today, we are giving you an insight into the three items you could easily steal from your beau’s closet and easily blend into your own style and vice versa.

These are possibly the easiest if you are looking at trying out this styling trick. Tracksuits are very much unisex. And while the male version will not require much effort to nail, the ladies, on the other hand, will need to put in a little more effort, especially with the accessories. You can add a shoulder bag, some matrix sunglasses, and jewellery to spice the lookup.

Coats are generally unisex. However, overcoats, in particular, are easier to switch from your man’s wardrobe into yours. If the coat is a little bigger and in a men’s size, then to share it, simply throw it over your shoulders, to spice up whatever look you have on.
You can also decide to belt it up and make sure your accessories complement your jacket beautifully.

You see that denim jacket in your woman’s closet you’ve been eyeing but felt sad because it wasn’t yours? Well, it can be. You can wear it over your denim pants, and t-shirt.
You can also share denim shirts and dungarees. For the ladies, the trick is to add a feminine touch to it, so you do not look like you are doing a morning walk of shame, and doing it in your man’s clothes.

For the men, if the piece you are trying to borrow from your lady’s wardrobe is feminine, please let it be. Do not walk around in hot pink jogger simply because you are trying to pull off the borrowed wardrobe trend.
So next time you are out shopping, you might want to pick out a few things you know your woman could stroll around in and have a little piece of you when she leaves the house.

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