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10 ACCOUNTS! On which Museveni is likely to Double the regular score in 2021 Elections!

Taking a momentous assessment while torching into the coming 2021 election, its absolutely definite, Yoweri Museveni, one of the age-long serving African president picture a likely-hood of guarding the presidential sit after a forecast high score in the yet new-fangled election the country is thus far to conduct for the very first time in history. To look back on, Museveni who has ruled the country and kept his shirt on since January 1986, has up to now shown curiosity in the presidential bid, formed a red-hot political, economic, social, cultural and onetime though not often, religious plan of action that has left him circumvent all possibilities close to his table.  

In check, Museveni is closely monitoring all political actions, capital, circumstances and hypothesis that will make him hit the jackpot once again with a unequalled lead foot this time, focusing on the ‘Ten accounts’ hand over fist.

Before he sets out to the race, the Ugandan athlete Joshua Cheptegei who has lately broken the Diamond League world record of 5000 meters takes a quick eye scan through his resisters history, arrangement, recent training, records and personal abilities. The analogy deems fit, to fit Museveni into Cheptegei’s shoes. Museveni has studied the ‘unpopularity of the opposition in major rural community’ where his own political party, the National Resistance Movement (NRM) has deepened their tap root for the last 34 years. There is an outlook that the prevailing novel Corona Virus conditions may lead the opposition to go over like a lead balloon in the rural areas Museveni is counting on, on the account of the fact that the pandemic collectively with other factors are likely to disrupt a thorough political action by the opposition in these areas. Its a fact that opposition has always performed well in the central districts while the counterparts die on the remaining other regions for better performance where they usually grab a win, a thing that is likely to give a bigger hand to Museveni and the NRM than before.

Although the ‘china Virus’ in Trump’s words has hit the world with flashes of darkness, it appears a ‘blessing in disguise for Museveni’ to win the 2021 election, a factor that has forced the Uganda Electoral Commission with its constitutional mandate in articles; 61 and 67 to announce a scientific election that has paused unanswered questions. Firstly, Museveni is using the Corona Virus pandemic through the ministry of health guidelines accompanied by his own directives to curtail opposition political party campaigns in a surreptitious manner. Its demonstrably clear that although campaigns have been shifted to a scientific mode where candidates use radio and Television to get to their people, some opposition party candidates have been brutalized, stopped and intimidated by police while they head to various radio stations to communicate to their voters. This has only happened to the opposition candidates. 

We have seen the times when ministers in the NRM government and the party Members of Parliament hungrily rushing to their constituencies, organizing rallies and other mass gatherings with over 3000 people in the districts of Mubende, Arua, Sheema and several others and these remain untouched by police as they spread a three-fold message ‘Vote Museveni, Vote NRM, Vote….’. On grounds where opposition MP’s are blocked from diffusing their message, Using Corona Virus as an alibi while the ruling party campaigns are going on, Museveni is gaining a clean sheet out of the situation. Look, Lutamaguze, an opposition MP of Nakaseke constituency today is in jail. Zaake knows the good story we are trying to put out. The NUP president, Kyagulanyi, who doubles as a presidential candidate 2021 from the NUP league is aware about the situation. His court cases are postponed all day, everyday. For now you can tell the political games Museveni is playing. 

Likewise, the security forces gang, which has set precedence in sabotaging opposition actions during election time by blocking their political activities has waken up again for a new season on the block. The police and their sister in arms, the army, with new unidentified forces dubbed ‘L.D.U’ have not rested to fighting Museven’s battle till he swears in as the next president. Nevertheless, although various organizations and institutions including the Uganda Human Rights have questioned the democracy of Uganda, acts of using force by the army and police in election time, nothing has transformed. It should be recalled, during voting, police and the army are better-known of disrupting voting activities in districts where opposition is powerful which is likely to be worse in the forthcoming election, a thing that Museveni rarely comments about though he is aware. 

Like Paul Biya, Museveni who is constitutionally asked to step aside while he runs for the next election has never responded for the 34 years he has been president. Using the presidential resources, such as the presidential assemblage, motorcade, helicopters, army, police together with his position as the incumbent in his own construction and perception Museveni has been a hard nut to crack by opposition candidates in all situation which may still prevail by 2021.

Besides the use of the presidential resources, Museveni and his NRM party possess the biggest budget to fund an election more than any other campaigner from opposition. In the recent NRM CEC elections, the party invested large sums of money in an election incomparable to the presidential election which depicts a picture about the finances the party has to finance Museven’s election. In the same elections, NRM CEC candidates advertised their candidature on Television with absolute capability to pay for airtime than any other nominee in the opposition wing can. President Museveni is capable of forking out any amount of money for airtime on both Radio and Television in all regions of the country unlike other candidates which places him at an advantage.

The active instability and lack of reliable leaders in the opposition parties envisaged in the recent quieting of several members of the opposition parties from one party to another has left the opposition on cross roads hence giving Museveni and the NRM party a fighting chance. Whereas the opposition still portray a dual and systematic approach weighed on falling flat or face up to a challenge with Museveni, the yellow man has persisted to playing a real deal of readying his candidacy.   

While reading between the lines, many presidential candidates this time seem fresh in the political game. When juxtaposed with the old and politically mature Museveni with a 34 years experience, resources including mental technicality and physical military science, it turns into a clear-cut that the yellow man will use this luck to act upon the fresh blood in the race leaving the whole cake on his table. 

More binding, to shade light on this perspective, Museveni is well-known in all districts that make up various regions in the country more than other candidates, the fact that he has campaigned to them not for the first, second or third time unlike his opponents whose names are just heard. Not only will the scientific campaigns play a huge role for President Museveni but also limiting his opponents a chance to face reach on ground. 

Basing on the economic situation where poverty has stricken respective house holds visa vie the popular campaign strategy for Uganda, Museveni remains the only candidate in the race who can afford a bar of soap, a packet of salt and half a kilogram of sugar for voters wherever he moves to speak to people. Although the economic conditions were slightly near the line before the Corona Virus pandemic where people were used of their hard lifestyle, the story is totally different. There people who have nothing to feed on, so poor to be corrupted with bar of soap, rice and sugar for a vote and one who provides as asked deems fit for the vote, for he has saved the soul. 

In a nutshell, the NRM party MP’s have ceaselessly flooded Parliament as the absolute majority. Back home, while persuading their voters, they address themselves in two capacities, MP’s seeking for reelection and campaigning managers for President Museveni, a thing that has left Museveni lucky to retain his sit in 2021. As well, while campaigning for the present-day term in 2016, Museveni put emphasis on forming new cities, roads and funding associations which he has partially worked on. New roads in the north, West and East are under construction and some are being used already in Arua, Gulu, Kamwenge and others places in the East and South of  Uganda.

Museveni has all it takes to be declared victor after the 2021 election.

Story by; NELSON BAHATI- nelson.bahati@chuss.mak, / @NelsonBahati6

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