5 Must-Have travel pieces of Apparel !

It has definitely crossed your mind that you need to travel to a number of destinations to survive the hassle and bustle of the city center even in this lockdown. Probably you have thought of Queen Elizabeth National Park, Mt.Rwenzori, Mabira forest and a whole lot more. The list is endless. Maybe you have not yet heard the stories from people that had their trips to wrong because of what they put on…or didn’t pack in their bags. Well you can be glad I am here to let you know the must haves Let’s go;


 These are specially designed to handle the rough terrain wherever you might be. A really huge percentage of the places you are going to visit are still in their natural form and are going to include a series of hiking sprees. You honestly won’t place your trust in your usual sneakers, pumps, sandals and there relatives. Pack those boots. You need them.


It may be really hot when you start out on your journey to your destination. I’ll give you a little secret’ do not trust weather forecast’. Of all things you can’t be sure of is the weather. Rain showers can be a blessing but not when they are going to leave you nursing a cold in the middle of whatever fun you are out to have. So prepare for the worst and have that jacket well set.


So imagine the tour guide is probably showing you something in the direction of the sun ( he does not care because he has binoculars), everyone else has got sun glasses to have a proper view of that priceless spectacular moment but you!. If you should have obstacles you cannot have control over, don’t let the sun be one of them.


If you are going to travel when it is shining ( which obviously makes a lot of sense ), you need to be sure you are protecting your eyes and head from the scorching sun. Get onto the move while protecting yourself against the harsh sun. We are an equatorial country. Forgetting that is suicide!


Among your preferences for a successful trip is the ability to have maximum comfort seamlessly. That only starts with how you are dressed. It is going to do you a lot of good knowing that your clothes are not what is bringing the discomfort. It is going to be pretty hot so you’ll need to have material on you that is light and is going to keep you at ease. Only shorts,t-shirts will achieve you this.

Simply put, the way you are going to dress up for that tour, weekend get-away or honeymoon is going to determine a lot whether you are going to enjoy or are going to get more discomfort in a different place. Pay attention to what you are packing in that bag. You will thank me later.

Uganda is really beautiful,  you need to visit all these places in comfort. Lekka tunyumilwe. 

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Zaake Joshua Sserufusa

( Creative Outlaw & Fashion Writer )

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