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Doctor’s Negligence leaves Woman Barren !

Kenyan woman becomes barren after medics leaving a placenta in womb during C-section. Benteter Makaa says she was five months pregnant when doctors decided to terminate her pregnancy through a C-section. It was during this procedure that the doctors forgot the placenta with in her uterus and stitched up the wound. Two months later, the wound was still bleeding and Makaa was admitted at a different health facility where doctors discovered the rotting placenta. She had to undergo another C-section at Embu General hospital to remove it but the rotting had affected her uterus to so thedoctors had to remove the uterus leaving her barren. 

34-year-old woman from Mwingi, Kitui County is now seeking justice after this alleged C-section procedure that was done at Mumbuni Maternity and Nursing Home Hospita that left her barren.The Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board (KMPDB) chairman Daniel Yumbya wrote to the hospital on Monday, September 7, seeking a response to the complaint lodged by Makaa. He asked the hospital to respond within four days and this was after an initial letter to the health facility on February 27, 2020, that wasnot responded to. “The council is in receipt of a complaint from Bentetar Makaa Mbwau against your institution dated February 18, 2020,” read the letter. The board accused the facility of negligence during operation and failure to remove the placenta from the uterus, among other complaints. The hospital has been asked to provide details of the medical team that attended to Makaa. They were also asked to provide certified and paginated copies of the entire patient’s file IP NO: 2992, as well as any other relevant documents and information.

Other measures are still being undertaken to ensure that Makaa receives Justice over this issue.

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