Erica Disqualified From Big Brother Naija!

Erica Nlewedim who knew all the winnings she stood to lose due to disqualification continuously broke over four rules as disclosed by big brother last night. How many more could she have broken under one night? Events leading to this fateful or not so fateful Sunday was the host of big brother disclosing to housemates that Laycon was telling his fellow housemates that Erica had tried to kiss him twice.

This took Erica by surprise  because the only incident she knew about was the one time she was drunk at the party. Later that Sunday Erica had tried confronting Laycon but Kiddwaya warned her not to and to just let it slide. Clearly Erica had bottled up  way too many emotions and the explosion was eminent. Six days later as big brother had one of its usual amazing Saturday night parties sponsored by Guiness, Gordons Gin was brought to the party and the housemates took to their fill. Erica who is known not to handle alcohol very well fell prey to this gin. Could alcohol be the reason for the outburst?

It is easy to blame alcohol but clearly Erica needed to vent and the gin was the extra ginger she needed. Laycon later disclosed that during the party Erica had walked up to him and told him she hated him but Dorathy warned Laycon not to say anything since Erica was drunk. However Layconz silence didn’t stop Erica for she completely lost her cool later in the house after the party and called Laycon a “clout chasing Idiot using her name for fame” There is only so much we can say but When Erica went as far as threatening to Kill Laycon all viewers knew Erica was indeed in trouble for it is called bullying. 

Maybe just Maybe Erica would have survived the impending disqualification only for the events to turn completely when she lashed out on her deputy Head of House Prince saying the biggest mistake she had done was choose him. She called him a conniving two faced snake that has no side and wants to be on everyone’s good side to avoid nominations. Since they both share a bed together Erica went ahead to pour water on the Head of House bed to prevent him from sleeping next to her. 

Hey It is sad to say but Erica would have never survived last night’s disqualification but there is so much love that awaits her outside. Elites have gone as far as contributing money for Erica in a Go Fund me account opened for her. They also wish she gets medical attention in regards to her mental health. 
Erica is a star. Star Girl Erica will continue to shine and she will still go down in history as the most loved female Big brother Lockdown Housemate 2020.

Article compiled by : Pretah Winnie Torach @pretahtorach

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