Geosteady & Lover Prima bitterly break-Up!

As we speak, singer Geosteady and longtime lover Prima Kadarshi are not at peace. Geosteady has reportedly broken into Prima’s house and destroyed everything after the two bitterly breaking up and separating. According to the clip Prima shared and later deleted on her social media pages, she’s seen showing off a totally destroyed apartment and in her own words she claims that it is the father of her two kids Geosteady behind this act.  

“You came to my apartment and destroyed everything, you broke in and destroyed everything I own despite me staying away from the news” Prima cried out in the video that was captioned “I have tried so much to be a good wife but it seems like you don’t want peace, I left your house and rented somewhere else cause I didn’t want to fight with you, I am a good mother and I take care of our kids but you take me for granted.”

According to the reliable information on our table, the two have been having relationship misunderstandings since Prima Kadarshi a started the Lusaniya Business project. A close source says  Prima got suspicious her baby daddy  cheating on her with unending rumors to be slaying with Kampala slay queens. When things went out of control, Geo  called for peace of mind asking Prima to go and rent somewhere.

Geosteady has however remained silent about the matter and efforts to reach him on his phone by YOLO Magazine turned out a failure as our calls went unanswered It should be remembered that Prima and Geosteady have been together for so many years and the two share two kids together, Soraya and Solange

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