Probably I underestimated how far it could go and how long it could stay. For a society that knows how to bring an immense level of pomp onto a trend and later on drop it like it never existed, tinted hair has stood the taste of time. It started out as a trend for the high-table party goers but eventually found it’s a way to the muntu-wa-wansi! Ranging from fashion models & moguls, corporate personalities and a whole lot more are applying tint and it’s a look we are appreciating…for those doing it right.

You’ve met a number of people with shades and application of tint that is sickening to the eyes you could immediately recommend a bald hair style at least. But this is not dye that lasts long. The good thing about tint is it can last averagely 4 weeks depending on its quality,how it is managed and who has applied it. We are sick of those doing it wrong, here is how to go about it-right;

1. Wash and condition properly. Probably after you’ve applied it for whatever cost desirable to you, you are going to have to maintain it and that doesn’t come cheap. You are going to have to invest in a healthy good quality conditioning shampoo to keep that shade of tint intact. Tint continually fades with consistent showering(which you must do). So the best you can do to keep it in shape and whole is having to shampoo and condition it to slow down the fading process.

2. Minimise exposure to sun. Now that you look a little or a lot more dapper than before, you are going to have to minimize exposure to direct sunlight. Remember the hair has received an extra layer of pigment that actually has it’s favourable conditions for good shape. The scotching sun is definitely out of the context. If you want to keep it looking as fresh as before, fight so hard to limit the exposure to the sun less you are going to make the visits to the salon chair almost each 2 weeks. Those salon visits are not as fun as the gossiping girls make it look.

3. Apply hair oil. Whichever brand and make of tint you are going to use for your hair, be sure the bit of 100% organic is not a guarantee. This means that artificial substances are added to ensure that it is preserved and fit for shelf usage for a long time. These chemicals within stand a very high chance of harming your hair by drying that scalp and sucking the moisture out of it. That is going to give the hair a rough dry texture and a look that is far from what you wanted. You have got to apply some hair oil to keep that hair looking and feeling well nourished.

Undeniably, the tint trend looks good. There is always a way I always turn my neck to have a long steady glance at someone that has well applied and maintained a nice shade of tint. You can achieve such too as long as you are going to maintain it right. After all the whole point of applying a conspicuous colour to your hair is to be seen. So please maintain that tint right and save yourself some money, look good and break some necks. You certainly want to have your photo being discussed on different fora you don’t even know of for all the right reasons.

Till then, continue looking good!

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Zaake Joshua Sserufusa

( Creative Outlaw & Fashion Writer )

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