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How to be like Paul Pogba!

Today in our “how to be like “ series let’s throw a torch in the French international midfielder Paul Pogba. The flamboyant midfielder has been a force to reckon with in modern football both at club and country level. His off the pitch life is also worth a mention because unlike the other players he is a party animal. Being born in a football family with his brothers into football too. Despite having an African origin he decided to play for France. Every time I listen to the “Monsters you made” jam by Burna Boy I can’t help but imagine how much the once zenj continent has been robbed of such great talent.

Putting focus back to Paul Pogba after being flashed out by Manchester United with what Sir Alex Ferguson termed as indiscipline saw him joining the Italian giants Juventus on meagre money but later returned to the same Old Trafford at a fee making him one the most expensive player at that time and remains among the most in football history,what a dramatic turn around right!! Today we despise to see how to to be like Pogba .

It’s no longer a secret for as long as you have the dark skin,you have to work as twice as hard just like Burna boy’s song twice as tall .I am not certain when Paul Pogba crossed Lwera like the saying is in Uganda mainly from the comrades coming from the great Masaka in this case I would take the continent as Lwera with his country of origin being Equatorial Guniea but one am sure he worked too hard because we all know hard work beats talent where talent fails to work hard. The record holding midfielder was the first midfielder to be a top scorer of Juventus while playing in midfield while most of us think scoring is the strikers role. Paul broke that stereotype. If you ever want to be like him,make sure you determined and ready to over come all stereotypes . Unlike other positions in the pitch the midfielders have a role to play from box to box and it is very tiring but Labile manages to play for 90 minutes.

 Pogba very stylish on and off the pitch. If you have seen him play you can’t fail to notice how proudly he plays tiktack and the way the curves the ball from end to end . Above of is colourful hair can’t go unnoticed, he has managed to inspire many and kudos to his barber for he done a commendable job . During his arrival to the Red Devils camp he was escorted with a fleet of Chevrolet cars. What a grand entry it was!
He owns a fleet of expensive Porsche cars and a mansion in the states .He has been spotted on different parties and seen on different occasions taking snaps with celebrities like the American pop star Drake.

If there to describe Paul Labile Pogba then it’s consistency. The 25 year old French international has managed to keep his relevance even in the toughest times. As a young man at Juventus he always worked hard to have his presence felt on pitch and that helped him to gain dominance at his midfield number perfectly filing a gap left by Andrea Pirlo .Giving great results back to back match day in and match day out. Even on the national team he always made a felt impact and for that cause Manchester United got interest in him and with all the pressure that comes with the English football he managed to contend all that and emerge very useful in the crumbling United midfield. With the very many criticisms that have been directed towards him he has remained firm and continued to deliver at his utmost. During all the trying times he has proved to be a great answer because he remains a key hold for the other players.

Y’all have watched different videos of him dancing in the changing rooms and he seems to have a very good relationship with his team mates which is very amazing because we all know football is a team game. Many of his team mates have applauded him for his great team work skills . A happy team gives happy results because always the players are comfortable which enables them to concentrate and Pogba is that player if you ever want to be like him make it a point to relate good with people because together a lot is achieved.

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