MEDIA INFLUENCERS…& Why you Need one!

Lately, the most trending job ( others call it gig because it’s a one-off ) among the youth is “ social media influencing.” Averagely, for each 10 profiles you visit regardless of the social media site, 3 have it listed. The only difference is that of these 3 per 10 people, 2 have a pull of 1K followers. Insane! These are the people your fashion business should not be dealing with. When we talk media influencers, we mean people that have a profound following on their social media sites-figures in hundreds of thousands of followers. That is not enough either; a series of retweets, reposts and likes spanning overthe numbers that actually follow them. In due respect I disqualify the rest. And the reason is simple, these are the people that actually have people really keeping up with their posts. That is someone I call a media influencer! You cannot convince me that guy has all those thousands of friends…that is merit!

With such for a background,business models have this changed and the fashion industry has not been left behind. What if we all get used to social distancing and fashion shows are no longer a go-to zone. So no one will see what you have to show off ? Social media is being put to use more than ever before for advertising and as a form of attracting traffic in all its various modes. It makes a whole lot more sense now that most digital influencees are friends to the top fashion moguls.

Social media is the surest and cheapest way to reach out to millions of people at a go. Almost everyone is a social media user today and whichever content that gets onto those platforms is bound to stay. That means years later, someone will still be able to see the same content. The whole idea is that a post can instantly be shared and that is but only exponentially. I can promise only a social media influencer is going to get you some far in a very short time. See all those guys that get tagged on big posts? That’s them. Succss has no shortcuts they say but there is always the easier way and this is it. Personally the best fashion pieces I ever bought came from a media influencer’s page thanks to those few times I got onto media with the idea of just having a hearty laugh and checking out a little nice content. That fashion designer got lucky. And there are many more people like me out there.

KAmalaika & Methia – fast growing influencers on twitter

Dear fashion designer,mogul,stylist, makeup artist and fashion collector, please do yourself a favor and invest in a REAL media influencer if you intend to grow your craft,busines. Reach out to a whole insane level of digital traffic and clientele through employing these guys. My virtual research thesis has approved of them and they are surely going to be the order post-covid. You NEED them if you treasure the power of outreach and advertising. It is the basis of business in the new world. Remodel your work model. DON’T SAY I DIDN’T WARN YOU!

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Zaake Joshua Sserufusa

( Creative Outlaw & Fashion Writer )

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