Spice Diana’s “Yaket International Ltd” launches exciting new products!

YAKET International Limited, the company responsible for Yaket mineral water AKA “Spice Diana water” as commonly termed by locals being she’s there brand ambassador has announced the launch of its exciting and thrilling new products in a bid to diversify its chain of production to better satisfy the multitude of the quickly growing Ugandan Economy.


The new products include an energy drink named Yaket Maca, yaket mango juice, yaket strawberry drink. Not forgetting the already existing and famous yaket mineral water. 


While speaking to the manager, YOLO Magazine learned that the company’s new products have great potential therefore there expectations and belief in them are off the chats. He later disclosed that it went without saying that the products had established themselves well in all regions they had been placed being that they are not only affordable but also of very high quality. 


The team at YOLO also took on a survey amongst some of the locals who had per-taken of the product (the team inclusive). Results indicated about 75% of the sample envied and appreciated the products well as 25% merely did not mind it.

The management of Yaket International promised to launch even more exciting new products in due course as they continue aggressively market and improve there current ones to better serve there customers. 

Follow them @yaket_inc on Twitter and @Yaket international limited on Facebook

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