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The Pleasure of Sex is ‘Simply Divine’ – Pope Francis!

 In a book of interviews between the holy Father Pope Francis and writer Carlo Petrini, Pope Francis called the pleasure of having sex “simply divine” . “Pleasure arrives directly from God, it is neither Catholic, nor Christian, nor anything else, it is simply divine,” Francis told Petrin in the book “ TerraFutura “which was published Wednesday, 9 September. 

“The Church has condemned inhuman, brutish, vulgar pleasure, but has on the other hand always accepted human, simple, moral pleasure.” The Pope added. Francis called sex and the joy of eating a well-cooked meal victims of the church’s “overzealousness morality” in the past, which he sees as “a wrong interpretation of the Christian message.” 

The book of interviews between the Pope &the writer Petrini

“The pleasure of eating is there to keep you healthy by eating, just like sexual pleasure is there to make love more beautiful and guarantee the perpetuation of the species,” Francis said. The views in the past that have condemned all sex and pleasure “have caused enormous harm, which can still be felt strongly today, according to Pope Francis. 

Pope Francis, who’s  83 years-old and was born in Argentina, likened his connection of pleasure to divinity to a 1987 Danish Film, “ Babette’s Feast “ which is about a poor village in the Danish countryside brought together in faith and community by an extravagant French meal cooked by a member of the congregation. “The pleasure of eating and sexual pleasure come from God,” Francis said. 

Pope Francis On his visit to Uganda in November’s 2015.
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