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Throwing some light on the new Premier League season kits!

As the Very famous English Top flight league kickstarted last weekend. I think it’s only prudent that we take you through the basics on regards of the new kits being introduced by all teams in the league. 

The Red Devils unleashed their new third kit which looks like the white and black zebra crossing. The kit has sparked off many small talks but inside news reveal that the jersey was carefully thought after and the club insists every they produce carries not only value but also communicates to the people. Going back almost a century ago Adidas decided to re-draw a pattern that would join all the historical colors of black, white and red to produce a pattern to remind the fans of the great rich history of the Manchester club. Above all ,other sources have linked the new kit to the on going campaign against racism with now all league team kits bearing “no room for racism “ on their sleeves. The white and black represent whether white or black we all the same with the red stripes probably representing the uniform color of blood for all humanity.

The North London club unleashed a new away kit for the first time in almost a decade to have a white jersey. This particular one is stripped with maroon lines. “ Arsenal’ s place in North London is synonymous with the clubs move to high bury in 1913. Quite simply it was the birth of the new club . We wanted to take the community back to the Highbury walls,to reminisce to the pattern that speaks to the club history” as communicated by James Webb a designer with Adidas.

The blues had the busiest of transfers among the Reknown top four with over 200million spent worth of transfers. The club also unleashed a new third kit that had sparked off criticism due to the deliberate over usage of the red color. With what have referred to as Americanization of the London based club belonging to the Russian tycoon. Of course “Captain America” Christian Pullisic who has had a fantastic time at Chelsea has attracted many American fans. The red kid is inspired by a sneaker head an American althetic shoe way back in the 19’s which in Britain is known as a trainer but to be specific this particular one was inspired by 1990 Ultramarine AirMax 180. AirMax is particularly synonymous with Basketball and Hip Hop music until Chelsea has taken its genesis in football.

The ex champions dumped their formal contractors NB “new balance” to have Nike make their new kits. The first ever Kops Jersey by Nike was unleashed. The red, white and teal has been a symbolic to club history including the crest. The jersey is symbolic to the city of Liverpool by the Liver birds that look over the town which has been a permanent since club start in 1892. But Nike was very careful not to add excess color to subotage the red.

The citizens in partnership with Puma unleashed another of their home blue kit. The blue shirt was blended with mosaic patterns. According to Ulrich Planer from Puma he affirms that Puma did their research and there was a lot to pick and learn whiling considering during the development of the new kit. They wanted to give City what no club has in the world.

The first runners up for the previous season also introduced a new dark blue , black and copper kit for this season . This particular one was designed by Mark Kennedy a city fan . Puma’ s designed by Bridgewater canal when drawing their latest offering also considering the club’s history and present. 

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