TRENT MUSIC releases Mind Exploding Sounds!

Trent Music International a Sweden based music house under the large umbrella body Trent Group of companies have today 17th September 2020 released their debut music projects. 

From mind blowing projects like Naki Naki, Ebango to My baby, Rickman Manrick  the star name  under Trent Music has released a fresh song on Thursday 16th September featuring his long time friend and musician Galiwango on a project dubbed Galiwa gwe.

Rickman took it to his Facebook page and announced this project and in honor of new beginning  He decided to take on a Ghetto youth and Friend on this project. 

2020 has been a good musical year for the Ugandan Sweden based artist, Rickman has released a number of songs include 

• My baby ft Galix Future

• Okilinamu Obuzibu

•Leg work ft Herbert Skillz , SlimPrince 

•Minns Du ft Itriisha

On top of having the biggest songs around Town, the Dt Timo managed artist has been able to bring on other artist under his wing as a way of giving talent platform. A number of artists have been signed under Trent Music  as seen on the company official Instagram page( @Trent-Music-Int) . Dolvgvng, Dougg Poundz  and Pash Amora are the names new names inked on the Trent music block. 

DolvGvng  will have his debut musical appearance to the world in an urban feel song titled Bestie.

Besti is DilvGvng’s first single to the world and with no doubt it’s a love banger from the teasers shared by his team on their official Social media pages. It will be streaming sites including YouTube, Spotify, Apple music, Itunes, Shazam , iHeart Radio music app, Amazon Music among others. 

With no doubt the Hit machine Rickman will be refreshing his fan’s playlists the same date as published by Trent Music and on his Official Facebook through a post. “I grew up in the ghettos of Bakuli mengo and I can honestly say I have seen most of it. Iam not living a luxurious life but am living a good life I can’t complain. Me and a few friends are building something for the love of the music called Trentmusic and in honor to the new beginning, I did this song with Galiwango a ghetto youth and childhood friend. He shared with me what he had when I didn’t have. I will never forget. Ladies and gentlemen I want to share my platform and also share with you GALIWA GWE remix with my bruva  @galiwango ug  . The Banger is dropping soon. my fans were demanding something so I will give you a song and a new artist @galiwango ug follow like and share his music. Let the Ghetto voices be heard”.

Today 17th September 2020 is set to the evolution of Music as promised by Trent Music . You can now get the songs on your favorite streaming apps and let the music take you to the new world.

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