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W.H.O Chief warns countries to lift lockdowns only with strict measures!

Chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus urges all countries on lifting lockdowns- You should open only with strict measures.

On Monday the World Health Organization (WHO) Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus advised countries considering lifting their lockdowns that they should only do it with firm health regulations and measures established. 

In a virtual press conference, General Tedros emphasized these annotations. According to his observation, many countriesworldwide are determined to get back to their normal livelihoods, however, those that will open up without fitting control measures might eventually face it rough in relation to covid-19 outbreak.

“We wish to see children get to school and people returning to the workplace, but at the same time, no country can just pretend the pandemic is over but opening up without having control is a recipe for disaster,” relayed WHO Director.

Chief Tedros’ utterance comes at a time when the pandemic continues to spread globally across countries with 25,850,207 confirmed cases and 859,136 deaths as of Monday according to statistics from the John Hopkins University.

The total confirmed cases on the African continent have hit 1,253,066 cases with five countries including South Africa on 627,041, Morocco 62,590 cases, Egypt 98,939 cases, Ethiopia on 52,131 cases and Nigeria 54,008 cases topping the chart.

From Asia, the total cases have reached 7,0404,371 with countries such as India with 3,691,166 cases, Iran on 375,212 cases , Saudi Arabia 315, 772 cases ,Bangladesh on 312,996 cases and Pakistan on 296,149 cases in those most infected by the coronavirus.

13,508,242 cases is the total of confirmed cases in America and on the European continent, the total number of infected people hit 3,677,025 on Monday with countries namely Russia on 995,319 cases, Spain on 462,858 cases ,United Kingdom on 335,873 cases, France on 281,025 cases and Italy 269,214 cases amongst the most infected.

In Oceania confirmed cases have since been 29,635 with notable nations such as Australia on 25,746 cases, New Zealand on 1,401 cases, Guam on 1,395 cases , French Polynesia on 527 cases and Papua New Guinea 459 cases topping the chart of the most hit.

However, despite the surge in the confirmed cases, several countries globally have already lifted lockdowns on a section of activities to foresee a revamp of their diminished economies.

Hence among others, Uganda is also one of those countries that have since taken this direction. In June and July, PresidentYoweri Museveni ordered for the reopening of businesses like transport means, shopping malls, saloons and arcades save for the churches, bars and schools that are still closed.

At the state lodge in Nakasero while delivering his speech on Saturday as the National Prayers Day, Yoweri Museveni stressed that scientists are still in discussion with the government to see how they can go about with the reopening of schools, gyms, bars etc.

On Tuesday Museveni met the National Covi-19 Taskforce led by the Prime Minister Dr. Ruhana Rugunda following the recent presidential directives to National Covid-19 Taskforce to consider reopening of other sectors that were still on the lockdown namely worship places, weekly markets, bars, Entebbe International Airport and tourism.

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