WAKANDA STYLE IS THIS!!! Chadwick Boseman’s Love for African Style.

‘He who laughs last laughs best’. But this is not about who is laughing last. I chose to cry last. And what better way to cry last than to pay a tribute to the contribution of his role in ‘Black Panther’ and ‘Infinity war’. Well if you have not been in touch with the world lately, I am talking about Chadwick Boseman. His death on froze the world. We haven’t yet recovered either. Like who ever imagined a true king dying like that. God bless his soul.

His contribution to the mass exposure of African style to the whole world is definately one thing we cannot overlook. The design aesthetic that was given off in both movies was a priceless promotion of the African style. As movies with the biggest show off of the constant evolution and impact of African style, the world’s reception and perception of Black style was overhauled. It made a dent on the Fashion industry’s universe and that won’t be filled up ever. African style took its place at the table.

Having a show off of Ankara, dashiki, crown jewels and ornaments in an action packed ‘fashion show’ , the impact was worldwide. Chris Brown and a series of prominent celebrities were spotted wearing the designs inspired by Wakanda style. A series of fashion shows were thrown all around the globe inspired by the Wakanda theme. The banana republic was not left behind either. Sales in African wear themed shops around the world grew exponentially. The stores crowded! Yes CROWDED! That is the true African power.

African style in the eyes of the world has just not been the same since. It has its spot ranking high in the fashion realm and it is all thanks to Boseman Chadwick’s role as Black Panther. Simply rated ‘A’ for awesome.

Rest In Power Boseman Chadwick. 


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Zaake Joshua Sserufusa

( Creative Outlaw & Fashion Writer )

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