#WCW-ETANIA MUTONI: What You Didn’t Know about the Life Of the Partee!!


Does anyone remember that girl who passionately hugged WizKid in December 2017 as the Nigerian star was performing in Uganda at Lugogo Cricket Oval ?. Well that girl is Mutoni Etania popularly known as  Life of the Party.

This WizKid incident brought Etania into the public life and after that, her name started appearing in same sentences with Team No Sleep ( TNS ) manager Jeff Kiwa. Close sources rumored that Etania was dating Jeff and early this year, she was blamed for an alleged fall out between Sheebah Karungi and her manager Jeff. 


Etania is currently the latest recruit at NTV, she co-hosts the Friday Night Mix show alongside Daggy Nyce and Deejay Bryan, thanks to Covid-19. Before TV, Etania worked with Muchacho’s , an events company that is commonly known for organizing the Sunday FunDay at Laparonis and also Wednesday Sieta Nites at H20 Kololo. She was also in 2019 crowned as the face of  Nyege Nyege festival, as party people voted her as the common partier who was all over the festival.


  Etania is also a digital marketer for a number of companies and brands. She has over over 4,000 views on her Snapchat, over 50K followers on Instagram, This makes her one of the few, young all round influencers in Uganda and a darling to several youth on social media where she shares her daily lifestyle. 

Through Matooke Republic, Etania opened up about her alleged relationship with TNS boss Jeff Kiwa, her new fame and if she’s planning to stay in the Television business when the old normal resumes. Check out the Full interview!!! 

  1. Other than what we see portrayed who is Etania

Well Etania Mutoni is a 22 year old ambitious girl very passionate about what she does. She’s a people person and of course, life of the party

    2. What’s your education background
     I was a very stubborn girl so I went to many schools. For instance I went to Hannah Mixed International Tropical Highschool, Pride college etc.

3. What’s the reason you wake up every day to work

    My two little sisters that I look after make me wake up every day even on my bad days I have to do it for them.

4. You look good, everyone would want to the person you are dating

    I am very single and not searching.

5. There are rumours that you’re dating the proprietor of TNS, is it true?

   No, we are not dating.

6.What qualities do you look for in a man?

  I am currently not even looking for a man

7. Any prospects of marriage or are you the strictly career type of lady
   I am the career type of lady
8.Have you always wanted to be in the limelight

   Yes, I have always wanted to be in the limelight.

9. If you weren’t in the entertainment business. What would you be?                    

If I wasn’t in the entertainment business I would most definitely be a lawyer. 

10. You look boujee. What inspires your fashion sense?

I am actually very terrible at fashion but I do follow fashion designers on Instagram and pick tips from them.

11. Who dresses you up?
    Chris is my designer. You can look him up on Instagram. He goes by Gang star fashion house on all his social media handles.

12. Who are the people you look up to in this industry?

    I look up to Miss Deedan Muyiira who currently works at Sanyu fm

13. Has being on NTV got you any opportunities so far?

      Being on NTV has come in quite handy

14. When the old normal resumes, will you still be with NTV?  

 I hope so because I have loved being on TV

15. Advise to young girls that look up to you

It’s not always easy for a girl but always works hard and keeps being humble with good manners. God will surely make a way.

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