7 Ways to Build a Perfect Instagram Model Profile!

You definitely have about 3 of your friends boasting to be professional models. At campus, at least 1 of every 5 girls will claim to be a model; 1 out of like 10 guys will equally claim so. This is because they’ve probably done some professional shoots, have a friend that is really so good at the use of a phone camera or have participated in a model campaign or casting.

I will focus on the ones that have done model castings and campaigns…and not gotten picked up. Whether they were successful or not is a story for yet another day. In an era where social media is dominant,designers and creative directors have learned to actually go past the casting and auditioning process and ended up scouting straight from Instagram. Unarguably, Instagram is the headquarter of anything visual you’ll ever need. So that is where I’ll put the focus.

Below I show you the top 7 ways you can set up your profile to take you past the model cast auditioning and be a quick pick for that international model scout;

1. Modeling genre/type. A person that clearly states what they are in for is very easy to work with. It shows how much organised one is and with straight set parameters. No one wants to work with a jack of all trades because they are never specialised at a particular trade. It’d make it easier if you stated what kind of modelling you do. Is it hand,lips,fingers,runway, billboard and many more.

2. Polaroid. It will always do you good if you walked as much as you talked. Don’t just stop at stating what kind of modelling you do, include photos of your specific craft…what you are in for. They will always add…’we are done talking,show us the package!’ You don’t want to turn green or pale when that moment comes. Explaining all the time gets annoying. No one will work with you. And please make sure the photos are professional.

3. Details & Particulars. Yes you are a model…’a professional one for that matter!’ When the moment of truth comes, these are the simple things the model scout should not ask you for. Make them obvious. Remember these guys try to minimise contact with you for all the obvious reasons there are. Save yourself time and book yourself a place on the A-list by availing your height,age range and style preference.

4.Good quality photos. These are not all about good editing,nice poses and lighting. The reason a professional photographer is needed is that he will take photos that do not lie about your skin tone, height and other body features. The last thing a model scout wants is meeting you and you are totally different from the person he or she saw on IG. That leads to the next point…

5. Natural photos of you. These sound a tad boring but are important. As in what is a picture minus filter. It has gotten so standard it is part of our normal photos. But you need these pictures against a white background with zero make-up, unexaggerated poses…things that bring out the natural you. It’s important.

6. Avoid group photos. This is a major that is overly underestimated. Yes it is a personal account that equally means you get to post what you so wish and like. But it is also that same page that is going to improve your glow and bring the money to the bank. So treat it well. Do not give the person visiting your page the homework of having to figure out who you actually are. Add those to your favourite story. They tell how social you are.

7. Avoid Snapchat filters. Obviously we all love our Snapchat filters. They look really good,playful,cute and everything nice. They are also known to enhance beauty features …and this is exactly why you need to avoid them! If you feel you can not avoid them, equally add them to your favourites story,it’s actually a win win because the scout will know that you have a lighter side and can crack off on a humorous note.

Behold,that is how you can set up a profound model profile. The appearance,workouts and the other things models do are important but the simple details many overlook are the most priceless things you should not be overlooking.

If you feel you ain’t ready, simply remember that there are people more underqualified than you are doing better than you because they chose to get organised. 

So come,see and conquer!

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Zaake Joshua Sserufusa

( Creative Outlaw & Fashion Writer )

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