BETTER MOBILE PHOTOGRAPHY!- How to obtain nice phone photos!

MOBILE PHOTOGRAPHY– Simply defined as the kind of photography done with a mobile phone.

For years and years, the word ‘fashion’ and ‘photography’ have been the same with rather different spellings. These two industries have grown hand in hand and if it was not for either probably the other wouldn’t be where it is right now! A camera will make or break the fashion piece, style or moment. Designers and creative directors relate best. It is however well known that the photoshoots and cameras to achieve that perfect shot and accentuate the desired detail do not come for a joker’s price.

Smart as they come, the smartphone producers have learnt and created a manner in which all these hardships have gotten passed by. One doesn’t need to prepare hard to have the perfect shot, book weeks or days earlier to have a photoshoot. All those are coming at their convenience within an averagely 6″ screen device…the smartphone. Year after year, better cameras have graced the smartphone which is a good thing for muntu-wa-wansi and obviously bad for the camera producers.

Following the release of the iPhone 12 and it’s relatives last week and it being arguably the best thing happening to mobile photography, I couldn’t help but bring the evolution of phone photography to light and the best ways to go about it as a pro. If you have seen those super nice photos taken by a smartphone and you would argue your head off that they were done by a camera, don’t do it again. This is how they were achieved;

1. Seek the best light. You could probably be trusting the fact that your phone camera can take in all the light around, a bunch of photo filters and so on but all this is going to make your pic look plastic. On top of that, it is a lot of stress trying hard to adjust light,contrast and clarity. The photo will eventually end up looking wrong. Save yourself all the stress and find a spot with great lighting and start with that.

2. Don’t zoom. As much as we all love to make the details in a photo conspicuous however far it might be, it is never good advice to zoom. Hopefully I am talking to people that intend to get good quality photos. It will not do you any harm getting closer to the subject of your focus and have a life-long nice looking picture rather than choosing laziness and zooming. You will regret.

3. Steady yourself or use a tripod. It hurts a lot posing for a photo only for it to come out like flash was passing by when it was taken. You have to be steady to take that perfect shot that brings out all the lines as they are supposed to be and not giving extra feedback beyond the one person in there. If you have shaky fingers, don’t hesitate to invest in a tripod stand. There are a number of people that have crammed that to  always achieve that drop dead pic, one must use HDR. It’s fine you can use it but you must be much steadier.

4. Portraits need light…a lot of light. This is as good as the first point only that this is pretty particular. These portrait images are important in various aspects of your life. They need light. That light is what makes them portrait images FYI. The details must be seen!

5. Invest in lens add-ons. These are extra lenses that are mounted on top of the original lens made for the phone camera. Just like how a lens is important to a great shot with a camera, so is it with a phone. These lenses will definitely help you bring your images closer, have better light, accentuate the details of the subject in focus. All this happening minus you zooming. In the beginning they were only compatible with iOS devices but in the long run, those for Android have been developed and they are working really great.

6. The focus and exposure features. Most people do not even know about the existence of this feature in their phone by the way. And this is really sad. Very sad! Once you are going to take a photo, gently tap on the subject you are shooting. It will automatically focus and at the same time increase its exposure. Depending on the phone, various adjustment options for these two features will be brought on the screen to help you achieve what you desire.

Today, I came to talk to all those that admire to have great shots taken by their phone cameras. These are simple things you can do for yourself and leave the premium photography for high end events like the weddings, introduction ceremonies and the sort.

Till then,take better phone photos!

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Zaake Joshua Sserufusa

( Creative Outlaw & Fashion Writer )

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