BRACELETS!….are we not overdoing it?

Before I am misunderstood, I am a simplicity advocate(don’t look this up because I just coined it). So it is clearly my opinion and not one I am out to impose. There is this way dressing simple speaks a lot of beautiful volumes compared to one that is over doing it. Whoever woke up in the morning and said that “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” must have seen me coming along the way to throw his campaign around some more.

For a look that was the signature of Mowzey Radio, it is no doubt he had to impact on his huge fan base to probably copy his style. But let us not forget that he was a celebrity and you are obviously not one! He was one for the entertainment industry which who had to add something to his appearance beyond his supreme voice. That is how he chose bracelets. But I am not here to talk about Mowzey Radio, I only want to ask you ‘don’t you think you are overdoing it?’

Seeing many bracelets on one hand and much more on the other is seriously disturbing to the eyes of the on-lookers. It is known that fashion is a form of expression…which is definitely right. But I believe there is a better way to go about it beyond over doing accessories. And it doesn’t stop at just accessories but rather seemingly unessential ones! A bunch of people I have engaged on this one have said their hands feel like their own without so many bracelets on…now that sounds wierd!

It never hurt to have only one bracelet on your wrist. Not like your hands got a little shorter or something because you had to put on only one bracelet. It actually gathers you more respect and confidence to have only one bracelet on. That is why elegantly designed bracelets are on the rise…. simply to avoid all that clutter on one hand!

If I woke up one morning and I was asked for the most expensive fashion item, I would quickly answer that it is that it is ‘elegance’ because people always simply miss the whole essence of these accessories. Its designed as a stand alone item that is meant to have your wrist look a little more decorated and sophisticated. Putting a lot of that stuff together means that it’s a lot of competition for attention hence losing the whole point of the bracelet being a bracelet and rather being a spoiler…many spoilers!

I know its hard choosing elegance over attention because we have been taught to ensure our presence in an area is felt but please don’t overdo bracelets. It is really disturbing! Overdo the rest but not this.

This is just my opinion! Till then stay safe and sanitize.

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Zaake Joshua Sserufusa

( Creative Outlaw & Fashion Writer )

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