CROCHETS! – The New Style trend!

ENCROACHING CROCHETS……………..Have you seen those cute hand-sawn or look-so-like things worn by women (mostly) lately? That is crochet.

It has given people a hard time to notice the impression given off by these things…simply because they have been around in a boring way. But I can affirm Impressive is what they are simply because they are back  a whole different vibe of chic and classic. For something that brings back memories of the song of “coat of many colors” I would say that the step towards being a staple in everyone’s wardrobe is one not to underestimate. 

Crochet may be new in a number of people’s eyes and wardrobes simply because they just chose not to see them because there was honestly nothing fascinating about them, but these things have been around for a really long time and I guess they are not about to go away.  And now that they have made a breakthrough, they ain’t going anywhere. The extra touch the never settled and creative designers have added to it has achieved this already. I don’t expect to see it get listed as one of the top trends of tweny-tweny but rather as a classic that got appreciated some more.

Subtle is the look of a well-knit crochet and it is endearing to the eyes. The best bit about them is that they can be made in any form, colour and design because they don’t start as materials but rather as thread! Imagine such simplicity. I guess that is not amazing enough already!  These things can be given a personal touch.

As most have made an appearance as sweaters, designers have gone beyond that to make them more appealing by creating crop-tops, cute shorts,t-shirts, chimonos, lingerie,bikinis and so much more. And this is exactly why they are going everywhere as much as they can and really fast. Give people a chance to add a personal touch to something and your will have them flowing through in masses. As in who does not what to express themselves.

Now here is that one thing that is going to give everyone out there a chance to express themselves. And I did not mention that they come at super-pocket friendly prices! I can’t wait to see them grace a lot of our top fashion events, hangouts and festivals.

Have you gotten yourself a crochet piece yet???  Today it’s less talk, more visuals;

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Zaake Joshua Sserufusa

( Creative Outlaw & Fashion Writer )

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