Full Figure advises western UG artistes to concentrate on music instead of fighting her!

Time wasted is never gained. Motor mouthed Socialite and Senior  Presidential Advisor in charge of the Youth and artiste’s affairs,  Jennifer Nakanguude alias Full Figure has advised artists in mbarara City to concentrate on Music and stop hating on her.

This came following the recent incident in Mbarara City where hercampaign poster was put down.  Her compaign poster was displayed at the City’s Round about. In the video that went viral a group of youths and some artists in Mbarara were seen tearing up Full Figure’s bunner saying they do not want it in Mbarara. She was warned to carry on her duties only in Kampala but leave Mbarara alone because she is not welcome in Mbarara. 

In her response to the incident. Full Figure asked artists in Mbarara to go in studios and make music instead of wasting time on her.  She said that as an NRM fighter she is ready to fight and crash all her enemies that are trying to put her down. But mostly those trying to fight her through putting her campaign bunners down. She also promised to continue with her duty of mobilizing for votes of the president.

” instead of fighting Full Figure.  Just go to studios and make hit songs. Because as an NRM fighter I am ready to fight and crash all the people that are against me and mostly you who are putting my campaign bunners down. I will not be scared by anyone or any tribe because am doing my duty. And I promise you that I will continue  doing my duty as a mobiliser, which I will do allover the country” Full Figure said. 

However, Full Figure says that Uganda is not for only Banyankole but all Citizens. Characterising this as some type of tribalism, she says she is ready to fight it and she is confident that she will go on and carry her responsibility as a Ugandan. 

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