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Everyone is a graphics designer or so they think until they come across the excellent work of such brains like Gideon Mugisa. Due to sheer passion, he is mostly self- taught, after his stint at Web Info Institute of Technology in Kampala. Gideon Mugisa the face of the TALENT TOUR MEDIA TOUR, Is a TV Creative, Graphics Designer, and TV Producer Currently working with all Vision Group’s media platforms namely; Urban TV, Bukedde TV 1, Bukedde TV 2, TV West & WAN LUO TV.

I am into broadcast graphics, which I am doing for TV now,” he says.
Mugisa studied video editing and practiced it for a while. However, discovering graphics design felt like someone waved a magic wand tool in front of him, and the video editing fire in him started getting extinguished slowly and steadily.
He argues that the reason he partly fell for graphics designing was the fact that it made him think, a thing that enhanced his creativity.

“It is not like video editing, where you get what has already been shot. Graphics is something you think of. You think of something, create and bring it to life,” he explains.

Mugisa got bitten by the design and editing bug in high school, when he saw his friends film videos and take pictures. When they embraced and accepted him to join them, he never looked back.
I started when I was at Namboole High School. I would see my friends shooting videos during school functions, and I wanted to be a part of it. I was 16 years old. From high school, I went to
a vocational school to study video editing and graphics design. I am still learning and discovering new hacks. You know, learning never stops
,” Mugisa narrates.

Former Liberian president Johnson Sirleaf said, “If your dream does not scare you, then it is not big enough.” It is like the statement was made for Mugisa because according to his career bible, well let’s just say that’s the vibe. He draws his inspiration from a British design agency called DixonBaxi. He says they are the people behind the English Premier League broadcast graphics. According to him, they are very creative. He looks forward to emulating them, creating similarly simple, modestly clean and timeless graphics.

In fact when I see them, I feel like I should be there. I must also start creating like them,” he quips. Mugisa combs through online platforms like Pinterest and Behance for creative inspiration. He also reads books and magazines to perfect his grasp of the English language because graphics call for it.
Locally, Mugisa is inspired by Michael Owor, Vision Group’s lifestyle and entertainment broadcast content manager. Together, they have worked on a lot of projects — Video Vixens economy and Mowzey Radio for Urban Tales — a chain of series on local arts. According to Mugisa, Owor is one of
the people that have done quite a lot in steering his life in a particular direction, appreciating his craft and attaching value to it.

Mugisa has also worked with Joshua Mwesigwa aka Josh The Fixer, who formerly worked with Vision Group’s visual hub, Visual Central, as a senior graphics editor.


Out of the many graphics Mugisa
has created over the years, one would assume he has at least a few that play in a sequence in his mind. Ironically, he says it is hard to point at one. He has worked with a number of people from different fields.
I have worked on some visual projects with Next Media. One of the biggest was with FUFA. I have designed graphics for Bukedde and Urban Television and those are the two stations I am focusing on right now. I am trying to make sure that everything I do is on point,” he explains.


Mugisa states that there is a lot of competition in graphics. However, he says as a result, there are a lot of chances and opportunities because it is not something you need to study too much in school, but practice because it is an art. “With passion, graphics and video editing can be self-taught because that is the biggest part. There is a lot of competition because each and everyday, people come up with unique creative ideas so the future is extremely big and large for all creative designers,” Mugisa explains.

In his capacity as a graphics designer and video editor, he has trained young people from Makerere University and Kampala International University, among other institutions where he has been invited.
Impact of social media on the industry
One thing that I can say is it has helped us, video editors and graphics designers, because it has enabled us to market ourselves. Sometimes I design stuff and post it online and gauge the feedback — positive and negative,” Mugisa says.

He adds: “It has also helped us connect with people. There was a time I connected with DixonBaxi because I wanted to do something with them. I am still in conversation with them and so social media is giving us a platform to put ourselves out there. There are a lot of jobs online.” He further credits the digital age for slowly changing things for them because people are now realising that everything they put online has to have a graphical or video element. They are realising they need graphic designers and video editors.

Mugisa says there is a lot of criticism in his line of work. He received a torrent of criticism when he had just started out, and some people even threatened to cancel contracts with him. But one good thing came out of it – the motivation to practise harder and get better.

Mugisa also notes that there are clients
who assume their work is easy and so don’t
deserve the amount they charge them, in total disregard of the time they invest in. However, he gives props to big companies. He says because they understand the value of graphics, they pay. Mugisa recollects working somewhere for four months without pay. His first pay was sh80,000 for a month’s work. He adds that he once designed a logo for sh2,000 yet the market price then was between sh300,000 and sh10m.

But do graphics designers advise clients? He says they do, noting that some clients are too stubborn and insist on what they have or seen somewhere.

What does he think of Wakaliwood?

I salute them. They are doing their best. I think they lack support. With this production, you need machines and technology; when you look at Hollywood movies like X-Men, they have a big budget supported by different companies. I think the Government needs to help the entire arts industry both financially and in other ways,” Mugisa says.
He encourages young people to take on graphics design because there is now a lot of software to enhance creativity.

(Bringing Imagination to Visuals) 

TALENT TOUR MEDIA TOUR (Bringing Imagination to Visuals) is a reality media show aimed at encouraging, inspiring& Training Talented Youth all over the country who are passionate and enthusiastic about TV production andJournalism. By mainly offering support in the areas of Graphics and Video Editing

We shall be visiting a number of Media Companies including Newspapers, magazines, Radio & TV to mentor and engage the youth in TV production and Journalism

TV production involves many different professionals working together to create a finished program for entertainment or education purposes. Those working on a television show might perform their duties during pre-production, filming, or post-production.

Graphic design is the process of visual communication and problem-solving through the use of typography, photography, iconography and illustration. 

Video editing is the manipulation and arrangement of video shots. Video editing is used to structure and present all video information, including films and television shows, video advertisements and video essays.

This team will be organizing TALENT TOUR MEDIA TOUR seminars to train multimedia students.

Target Audience
Since Young people have some of the best ideas, TALENT TOUR MEDIA TOUR (Bringing Imagination to Visuals) will train, encourage and inspire them to realize their highest potential and ability in self-employment.

To create visible & Potential Talents ready to hit the Creative Industry In Visual Communication

Near Future Plans
TALENT TOUR MEDIA TOUR (Bringing Imagination to Visuals) hopes: 

To find Sponsorship or Partnership with Individuals, Companies & Organizations to support talented youth in this technology and computer era.

To inspire Billions of talented youth across the globe who are into Computer studies

To grow a bigger Creative Team and a base center which can visualize Imaginations into Graphics and Video for Many Television Brands thus creating employment to the Youths & Young Talents.

TALENT TOUR MEDIA TOUR (Bringing Imagination to Visuals) is here to support, Inspire & Encourage young talents in this Computer & Technology Era through Visualcommunication.

Cc: Kampala Sun.

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