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As we end our edition of the art / Business of INFLUENCING in our #McM and #WcW personality series, today’ we decide to sum up all about SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCING and today’ we feature The Ignited @igniteivan, an influencer with 60.7 K following in only 2 years. Today he’s going to answer all your questions about influencing in an Interview with YOLO Magazine. Enjoy………

BRIEFLY TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF? My name is John Ivan Kisekka. I am a Digital marketing practitioner currently at MetropolitanRepublic Uganda. I am also a tech blogger at Dignited, a tech website. I am 27 years old. I am not married, but I am seeing a very beautiful and smart woman. I am self-driven and always look for the most creative way to do things.

FROM YOUR PERSPECTIVE, WHO IS AN INFLUENCER? An influencer is a person who can cause a change in behaviour towards client objectives. Say a client wants more people to buy their product, we look for people who have can make others to buy that product. I am a Digital marketing professional and I usually hire influencers to push client campaigns.

WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO BECOME AN INFLUENCER? That’s quite simple. You should be able to create a change in behaviour towards the goals of the client or task at hand. The audience should be able to relate to you in that field. That’s how you can be able to influence them. For example, a known foodie can easily influence for food-related businesses. Because people learn to trust their opinions on food and trust their judgement on the same.

AT WHAT LEVEL SHOULD ONE CONSIDER BECOMING AN INFLUENCER ? Influence has no levels. You build from the ground up. You only have to establish yourself as a professional in a certain area by sharing content and knowledge in thqt area. However, people may judge your level of influence according to the followers you have.

WHICH INFLUENCE DOES WHAT FOR WHICH BRAND? Well, for a beer brand? An established party animal can work well due to the nature of the product. However, corporate brands like financial services may require a more high level and articulate person to breakdown the content. However, different campaigns have different objectives which determine who to use as an influencer. Not every influencer can do any gig. Mostly, you get a gig according to who relates to your content more. If you have a mostly young audience, working on a corporate gig would be a sheer waste of the client’s budget.

IS THE FOLLOWING/ NUMBERS THAT MATTER FOR ONE TO BECOME AN INFLUENCER OR THE CONTENT THAT ONE POSTS WHICH MAY APPEAL TO A CLIENTS TARGET AUDIENCE? Most clients look at the following. However, if you are going to be hired by marketing agencies that have professionals that understand these things, my focus on the type of content and the engagement you get on your account. Many people resort to the dark arts of follow trains to grow their numbers but that doesn’t bring up engagement. Many clients are getting woke. CONTENT IS KING!

IS INFLUENCING ONLY ON TWITTER OR EVEN OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS? Influencing is everywhere. At the agency, we even hire people who do not have a digital footprint as influencers. As long as someone can cause a mindset shift, they can be influencers. Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok all have influencers.

WHY IS IT THAT INFLUENCERS ARE ONLY BIG ON TWITTER AND NOT BIG ON OTHER SOCIAL PLATFORMS? It’s is hard to focus on all platforms. Growing a platform is a whole day job. Different platforms require different content styles. That’s why you see the most video creators are big on Facebook, YouTube and TikTok but not Twitter. When you find a platform where your content sits well, you concentrate on that and it could help you build your audience on other platforms.

DOES INFLUENCING REALLY PAY? Yes, it pays. However, you need to establish yourself to get a constant flow of gigs. Either, you are too good at what you are doing, or you are friends with the gig plug. Many gigs end up in particular circles. Because I established myself as someone who can get the job done awesomely, clients many times request that I am part of the team. So at the end of the day, it pays.

WHICH ARE THOSE NOTABLE EVENTS OR PRODUCTS YOU HAVE WORKED ON AS AN INFLUENCER? I have worked on a number of projects both as a Digital marketer and an influencer. I do digital strategies for so many big brands. My favourite project is Bring On the Buzz, which launched Bond 7 Honey in the market. I led a passionate team of influencers that executed the job so well.

WHO ARE YOUR FAVORITE 2 FEMALE INFLUENCERS / TWEEPS? My favourite 2 influencers would be Esther Birungi and Evelyn Nakayi. Esther is very hardworking and Nakayi delivers creatively.

WHATS YOUR TAKE ON RELATIONSHIPS AMONGST TWEEPS? There is nothing wrong about Twitter relationships. People have found love on that platform. You just have to be careful not to fall for a catfish. I believe in them because I found love on Twitter.

WHATS YOUR WORST EXPERIENCE ON TWITTER OR WORST ENGAGEMENT ON A TWEET? My worst experience is the hate that keeps brewing up between tweeps. This has led to multiple burst ups that are usually uncalled for. So many damaging lies have been spread.

ANY ADVICE TO SOMEONE THAT WANTS TO BECOME AN INFLUENCER? If you want to become an influencer, build influence. SIMPLE. Be known for a particular thing (a good thing of course). Be social, make all the friends you can get. Be professional, and give every gig your best because it’s your ticket to the next one.

LASTLY, WHAT ARE YOUR LAST WORDS TO YOUR FOLLOWERS? I thank all my followers for following me and engaging with my tweets. Sometimes I stray like any human, but they have never given up on me and I don’t take that for granted. I have recently launched #IgniteStore which sells ladies bags and the support from my followers is tremendous. Thank you and God bless you.

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