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Ronald Mayinja Dumps NUP – Rejoins NRM with campaign song for Museveni!

With just a few days remaining to the opening of presidential campaigns, the always color changing Ronald Mayinja has finally showcased his true colours after releasing a new campaign song  praising President Museveni and asking his fans to vote for him. 

In the  song titled ‘Muzeeyi Akalulu kako’,band singer Mayinja emphasizes that President Museveni is the best president he has ever seen in Uganda and he believes that he is a gift from God to Ugandans.

“Museveni you have done everything for Ugandans and this term my vote is yours. Museveni you’re better than all the presidents that have ruled Uganda, you have built hospital, roads and many others. You’re really blessed and we love you,” states the song.

For about two years now, Ronald Mayinja has been in and out of NRM and People Power, switching colours and confusing his fan and followers. Two months back as he subscribed to Bobiwine’s NUP Party, Mayinja vowed not to support NRM again.

Efforts by this magazine to have a word from Ronald Mayinja turned out impossible as he didn’t get to pick our calls. Mayinja now joins journalist Basajja Mivule and events promoter Bajjo’ who subscribed to NUP and later joined NRM!

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