Sheila Gashumba set to launch her new Natural Beauty Treatment Products!

Socialite Sheilah Gashumba has continuously made news here and there, very many companies have signed her and on top of all that she continues to prove unstoppable with her dreams and hard work even during the most challenging season world wide.

Sheilah Gashumba has thrown jabs at her tormentors ”ayongedde okulumya abayaye“ as she revealed that she will be venturing into natural beauty treatment products manufacturing. She says that there is a perfect slimming product that she has been working on after getting soo many requests from my clients who had issues with fat/ weight in certain areas of their body and finally the GASH FIX SLIMMING MAGIC POTION BY SHEILAH GASHUMBA will be launched on 9th November!!!

Gash Fix Slimming Magic Portion by Sheilah Gashumba is a natural beauty treatment product created especially for burning tummy, waist, arms, and thigh fat. She described that when one applies it they feel a warm, tingly sensation. It helps speed up metabolism, burns fat quickly, removes excess body fluids and residual toxins and waste.

And it’s other functions include :Burning calories, shrinks fat, and prevents , Speeds up the body’s energy circulation, increases metabolic rate upto 18times,Improves the circulation, tightens sagging skin,Blocks cellulite formation, adds appeal to the shape of body.

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