Teenager breaks record for World’s longest Legs!

A towering teen as broken the world record for the longest legs on the planet – and shes not even finished growing yet.

The confident 17-year-old is the from Texas, U.S. stands at 6ft 10in (208.28cm) and has a right leg which measures just over 4ft 4in (134.3cm) and left leg which measures 4ft 5in (135.3cm) and her legs make up 60 per cent of her total height. 

She has now knocked Russia’s Ekaterina Lisina off the top spot for the Guinness World Record for longest female legs. Ekaterina’s legs measure 4ft 4in but Maci’s right leg is fractionally longer and her taller left leg secured the record.

Maci & Her Mother

Maci Currin knew she was tall but she had no idea her legs were record-breaking until she was offered a custom-made pair of leggings. Heartbreakingly, she was bullied growing up but soon came to embrace her figure. “ I was never bullied for my legs, I was bullied because I was taller than everyone else “ Maci said. She adds that she would encourage people with unique physical attributes to not hide it but rather  embrace it’.

According to Maci, there are negatives to having such long legs – hitting your head walking through doors, getting into cars, trying to find clothes that fit but she hopes that her record title will inspire tall women across the world.

Height runs in her family as her dad is 6ft 5in and her brother Jacob is 6ft 3in, but her mum Trish is an average 5ft 7in and Maci towers over them all. Despite her long legs, Maci is a few inches off the spot of tallest living woman, which is currently held by Sun Fang from China, who stands at 7ft 3in.

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