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7 shocking facts you didn’t know about 24 year-old Presidential candidate John Katumba!

The 2021 presidential election is with no doubt the most exciting and unique contest in Uganda’s political history for quite a number of reasons.

Apart from the fact that it has attracted the biggest number of contenders, the presence of 24 year-old John Katumba on the presidential ballot is what has become a landmark so far. It’s not his young age surprisingly that has caught the attention of the public but rather his general conduct. Right from the day of nominations on Monday 2, the youngest presidential hopeful started his drama and it doesn’t seem like it will be ending any time before Jan 14 next year (election day).

When his car got a flat tyre on his way to be nominated and he opted to go at it on foot, the stunned public thought they had seen it all. Surprisingly, a lot more was still to follow.

On arrival however, he was humiliatingly refused to be nominated after it was discovered that he had not yet deposited the required nomination fee to the bank. In his explanation, he said the bankers had refused to receive the money on account of lacking a Tax Identification Number [TIN]. He was thus ordered to go back and return the following day. On 3rd, he got nominated along with ten others among whom Ugandans will be casting their vote to choose their next leader for the next five years.

Since his nomination to date, Katumba has been ‘killing’ Ugandans with doses of laughter due to his comical conduct in public. Here are some of the interesting facts you didn’t know about Katumba;

1.Born 24 years ago, John Katumba says he belongs to the Kkonde family of Naalya-Kiwatule in Kampala (Prefers to keep the Kkonde family a private matter). His parents died when he was still young and he grew up with his guardian.

Both my parents died and I do not know much about them. All I know is that my guardian said they passed away when I was two years old,” he says.

2.Katumba, who is not married, says he is a fresh graduate of Makerere University Business School, where he did a course in Transport and Logistics Management and graduated in January.

3.He explains that he studied his primary education at Zion Hill Standard Academy in Buikwe District and later joined Central View High School in Mukono, where he finished both his O and A-Levels.

4. Katumba says that he partly paid for his education, especially paying for school requirements. He became fully responsible for his studies at A-Level and university after he was allegedly abandoned by his guardian.

5.He says he once worked at Pan World Car Wash on Dewinton Street in Kampala, where he was paid Shs1,000 per car washed while he was an O-Level student. He also noted that he burnt charcoal, laid bricks, and washed cars to save for his dream of becoming the president of Uganda.

6. Katumba’s place of residence is a mystery and all that is known is that he transacts his business in Ntinda.

I have where I stay, though I neither rent nor own a house. I am a youth and if you need me, you can call me and we meet at this place,” he explains.

7.The independent presidential candidate also discloses that he is not an ‘NRM’ project as some people claim.Mr Katumba said he feels hurt when some people assume he is a political project planted by particular individuals. He says he has support from many Ugandans and his candidature is meant for Ugandans. Cc: @watchdoguganda

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