LIST: Here are the 13 men who have allegedly ‘slept’ with Mama Fiina!

Ever since, Sophia Namutebi alias Mama Fiina, made her way into the public eye some years ago, she has been linked to a good number of men.

Just last year, she was accused of having a sexual relationship with Sweden-based Uganda blogger Peng Peng after their cozy video went viral. Although Peng Peng confessed to have gotten sexually involved with Mama Fiina, the leader of traditional healers in Uganda refuted the claims.

And yesterday (Saturday), the philanthropist showed off her new man, a one Prince Tebandeke Kimera whom she has been dating for some months now.

Watchdog Uganda has prepared a list of the men who have allegedly ‘slept’ with the traditional herbalist.

1.Maj Muhammad Kiggundu

The late Maj Muhammad Kiggundu is Mama Fiina’s most ‘famous’ husband. The two got married in a secret wedding at Kibuli Mosque in 2015. On November 2016, Kiggundu was gunned down, alongside his driver, Sgt Steven Mukasa by four men travelling on a boda boda at Masanafu, a Kampala suburb.

Mama Fiina with her late husband Maj Muhammad Kiggundu

2. Ismail Ssegujja

Just months after her husband’s assassination, Mama Fiina hooked up with Hajji Ismail Ssegujja, a said best friend of Maj Kiggundu. And in 2017, she got married to him at Kololo Mosque were Ssegujja paid bride price (Mahare) worth 4000 pounds (about 19 millions). Its alleged that Ssegujja dumped Mama Fiina in 2019 thus rendering her single again.

Mama Fiina with her ex-husband Hajj Ismail Segujja

3. Hajj Abdul Kiyimba

Before Hajj Ssegujja tied the knot with Mama Fiina, rumors had it the she was having a secret romance with Hajj Abdul Kiyimba, the Chairperson of NRM in Wakiso, and that preparations to make their relationship official were ongoing. But possibly when the big contender ‘Ssegujja’ came in, Kiyimba was thrown out.

Hajj Kiyimba

4. Ismail Ssekidde

Mama Fiina and Ssekidde got married in 2013, and it’s alleged that he made her convert from Christianity to Islam. Ssekidde is the guy who defended her after her nudes leaked and dragged Red Pepper to court, accusing them of invasion of privacy and defamation.

5. Ali Kyonjo

Mama Fiina’s first husband and father of her eldest son Rashid Kyonjo

6. Peng Peng

A Uganda-Sweden based blogger recently shocked the nation when he confessed that he shared an intimate moment with Mama Fiina. In a video shared on his social media platform, Peng claimed that during her visit to Europe, the two ‘slept’ together.

Peng Peng

 7. Livingstone Kiggo Bukye

He is currently deceased. But rumors have it that Mama Fiina had a secret romance with Kiggo Bukye some time back.  The deceased used to reside in Bweyogerere, according to sources.

8. Kitimbo Kawuulu Kagezi

It’s alleged that Kitimbo was Mama Fiina’s secret lover who introduced her to witchcraft. Currently Kitimbo is still a traditional practitioner and he resides in Seeta, Mukono.

9. Salongo Ben Gulu

Salongo Ben Gulu is also dead. Information reaching our desk is that Salongo Ben Gulu was the one that campaigned to have her become the President of traditional herbalists and he succeeded.

10.Kagwa Sebanakitta

Given the romance that existed between the two, Mama Fiina chose Sebanakitta as her Vice president, and the two love birds used to handle all matters concerning Uganda’s herbalists together.

11. Musangi Kyabaggu

He also died recently; sources alleged that to keep their love strong but discrete, Mama Fiina chose to keep Musangi Kyabaggu close by appointing him as her secretary.

12. Brown

Rumors have it that Brown first had an intimate relationship with Mama Fiina, before marrying her daughter Sarafina Ali Muhammad alias Fiina.

13. Prince Tebandeke Kimera

On Saturday, the philanthropist showed off her new man, a one Prince Tebandeke Kimera whom she has been dating for some months. Mama Fiina hooked up Kimera after being dumped by husband Hajj Segujja last year. CC: WATCHDOG UGANDA.

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