MASTER-CLASSES!! – How relevant are they ?

Mona Faces that is arguably the biggest name in makeup and cosmetics has annual masterclasses in make-up where she equally gives out free kits, Abryanz the big dawg of the industry equally has a model masterclass in liaison with Joram Model Management (who is also the biggest model agency here) and a bunch of others in photography, tailoring and many more. Often times, these have beenhighly anticipated invite-only events that bring the pomp and glamour on and have had newbies work so hard to book themselves a place at the table. Fostering hardwork by recognition is one of thebiggest incentives of human creativity.

In a bid to increase their earnings and influence, various fashion stakeholders particularly the moguls have embarked on organising masterclasses in their particular fields. This is a trend that started out in the Western side of the world…and there is no apparently surprise in that. With time, it has grown to take over the world with a bang and we seem to be taking it on really fast which is a good thing. The chapters are building and flipping up so fast it spells a lot of good news for our budding and fast growing fashion industry. This sounds like we are yet to groom our billionaires in the fashion industry and that’ll be nothing short of amazing.

Joram Muzira – JM Model Management.

Because we now have masterclasses, mediocrity is slowly being wiped out of the fashion industry and there is a growing sense of connection between the stakeholders. There is nothing as inspiring as seeing people in a particular industry working together. Unlike other industries, it is a must for fashion moguls to work together to succeed. For people come together, share knowledge, instantly connect on top of picking up pro-tips from the apparent legends and big wigs of the field. And for the fact that experience is shared, the rest are always noting hard to learn and understand how the mogul made it. Is this not how an industry grows?

Not only are these masterclasses, they are also networking events. The notion that ‘Your network is your networth’ is brought to reality here and it spells all over the place. Imagine toasting to more prosperity with the cream of your field and equally listing their contacts. You can be so sure that your client base is going to increase through referrals and well you will also have a breed of valuable people to brunch with over the weekends. So either way, it is a win-win for you.  So for the events where you are asked to apply, do yourself a favor and do so with a smile. If it needs payment, go ahead. The gains are bigger than the simple money that is being asked for.

The biggest win however falls back to the organisers…as expected.Surprisingly it is beyond the money though it is occasionally the main goal. These masterclass have learned to gather an immense level of respect for these people. Look at Abryanz, Kim Swagga, Giulio Molfese,Mona Faces, Make Up by Olga that have done more than rake money out of this, they have equally grown to exercise their influence on their specific fields, spread out their doctrines and work modes beyond learning from the people that are being hosted too. In the same line, mentorship has gotten too easy for them hence escalating them to billionaire and legendary status. Wow!!!

On the other hand, if you are being offered no place at the table, you needn’t wait for an invite to tables laid by others. Make your own table. Take the risk and organise it, send out the ads, use all social media platforms and all portals and see how it goes. But be sure that you are offering value. The last thing you want to do is disappoint people that have chosen to invest time and money in education. And do not refuse to try once the thought is cultivated. The guilt will kill you. Do not forget that fortune favours the bold!

Monalisa Umutoni – Mona Faces

With the growing wave of masterclasses, I am hoping to see a whole lot more going down soon. Where are the ones of the social media and digital influencers? Sartorial ones? …all stakeholders? Be sure people are willing to learn something new. I have done my part writing about them. Now its your part. Yes, you the digitalinfluencer that boasts large numbers, boutique owner that boasts a full store, distributor of all brands. Make yourself some more money.

So when is the next masterclass???

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Zaake Joshua Sserufusa

( Creative Outlaw & Fashion Writer )

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