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Meet METHIA! – Presidential Candidate John Katumba’s alleged Girlfriend!!

Presidential candidate John Katumba caused quite a remarkable wave on social media over the past weekend. For the first time ever , the youngest candidate trended for issues not related to his struggle for the country’s top office but for issues allegedly related to his love life. Pictures of Katumba and a mysterious babe surfaced on social media making his name appear everywhere online more than beer brands in a bar.

A section of his supporters rushed to conclude that their president had officially brought them a First Lady while others were bitter that he’s abandoning the struggle and wasting time on girls. The big question however is, who is this girl ? The alleged First Lady to Presidential Candidate John Katumba ? Well her name is Methia, real names Methia Lydia Nabawanda. Well known mostly to Ugandans on Twitter, Methia is one of the top influencers in the land, a journalism & Communication student aswell as a YouTube content creator. YOLO MAGAZINE’s Pato rounded her up for an exclusive interview about what exactly is between her and the youngest presidential candidate, her relationship and her works. Grab a sit and enjoyyyyyyyyyyyy !!!!

For how long have you known Katumba?

Me and Katumba met a week back, I have only known him as the youngest presidential candidate till last week when we met to have a chat on my YouTube Channel ( A Chat With Methia ). I hosted him to speak about his political ambitions and campaigns.

How does it feel being First Lady as regarded to by Katumba’s supporters?

First and foremost, I am not his First Lady, just like I said, we met to do an interview which was going to feature on my YouTube Channel. Of course we had a picture moment afterwards and when I posted the pics, everyone thought I was his woman maybe and the pictures started making rounds on social media with mixed feelings and reactions. 

How did you feel when you started trending being regarded as KATUMBA’s First Lady?

To me it was so funny !!! I just couldn’t believe how social media can go rowdy over something they don’t know about. I think maybe because they had never seen Katumba with a woman, I don’t know, but the moment they saw the picture, their response was like, “that must be her”. I found it so funny by the way, my friends kept sending me screenshots and I was just laughing. It wasn’t real so, it didn’t really mean anything to me. 

How has your family perceived the whole saga?

For starters, my mum knows about my YouTube Channel and she knew about my interview with Katumba, so she also found this whole thing funny because she knew it was only an interview. Apart from relatives who kept calling my mum saying “ our daughter is First Lady “ but still to me, it wasn’t such a big deal. 

On a personal level , how did u find Katumba as a person in your discussion?

Katumba is a cool guy, simple but courageous. He’s the kind of person who’s ready to give his whole for this country and I believe that’s why he chose to stand for presidency.

Will you support Katumba for Presidency?

 haha why not? Katumba has my vote for real.

If you say Katumba is not your man, who is your boyfriend then ?? Tell us about yuur relationship? 

I have no man. I am not in any kind of relationship with anyone at the moment. I am not dating and I don’t think I am ready to date yet. 

But you have  been rumored to be secretly dating Busiro south MP hopeful Paul Owor ? 

These things make me laugh because well, it’s quiet unbelievable how people come up with stuff like this. Paul Owor is someone I have known for years though most people have seen me with him during the campaigns, we are literally very close friends and when his campaigns started, he called me on to be part of them and once in a while, I have moved with the campaign team to very many different places of Busiro South. So NO, we are not secretly dating.

So Who is your ideal kind of man ?

 I don’t have an answer for this because I am not searching for a man, yet. 

But given your beauty and huge following, How do u handle men who ask to date you?

Well I am not going to date everyone who asks me out, so I will just ignore them and move on with my business. For the moment, I prioritize work so much that I don’t want to think about dating. 

What’s your take on finding love on social media / specifically twitter? 

There are real people on social media and there are high chances of meeting your soulmate there. I have seen people get married and they met on social media, so if you get the chance, give it a try, you never know. 

Tell us about your YouTube channel ? 

Well my YouTube Channel is called A Chat With Methia, it’s a platform I started up to host different inspirational famous figures who can motivate the young ones on becoming better Ugandans. It’s an all round platform that looks at lifestyle, sports, social life, entertainment and so much more. I like hearing people’s stories and that’s one of the reasons I started up the YouTube Channel. 

What does it take for one to feature on your channel ?What it takes, well it’s not like there’s a criteria of who we host and how we host them, but I personally focus on people who can speak volumes and are inspirational in different careers or can skill someone out there. 

You have hosted quite big names in the country on your channel ? Ranging from Vision Group boss Robert Kabushenga , Apass, Asan Kasingye to Katumba. How do you get all these figures ?

If you have a serious and beneficial matter to discuss with someone, they’ll always give you an ear. Most of my guests are on social media, so all I do is DM them and ask for an interview and I am glad they’ve always responded positively. 

It’s rumored that you use your girl power to easily attract male guests  on your show! How true is this ?

I don’t even know how that works, I think my head works better than the “Girl Power” you’re talking about.

What are your last words to to your fans ?

I want to think of my fans as the people who love my YouTube Channel and watch my videos, yes I love you guys so much and thanks for your support. It really means a lot. Continue watching and sharing my videos with friends. Thank you! 

How can those that want you find you meet you in social media ?

My social media handles are all open/public. You can DM me anytime. 
Twitter handle: @MethiaLydiaN

Facebook: Methia Lydia Nabawanda

Instagram: @methia_lydia_nabawanda & YouTube – A Chat With Methia 


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