MEN – Here are 3 ways to care for your beard / Facial hair !

So no-shave-November started a few days ago and well the excitement is not about to die down. The joy it brought to men’s health and lifestyle is so insane that we cannot just get over it. But okay, yes you are going to let the beard grow……but are you doing it right???

Growing up as young adults (at home) and in an environment with a breed of the intellectuals, a deliberate 3rd world war on men’s beards has been launched. And this is for reasons best known to them. However, coming to think of it, men have grown so lazy to tend to this facial hair that it eventually looks so wrong. It is definitely because they make them look like beasts and less of themselves. So from a maturity point of view, I stand with them.

How about you changed that narrative, how about you chose to pay a little more attention to this precious facial hair. Men really hold it dear immediately the first whiskers appear. It is simply macho and profound.

Here are the 3 simple ways (men’s things have never been complicated) you can give that facial hair the attention it deserves so people won’t take you for a rascal and well you equally gotta look good as a man. A man with a well-kept beard is a sure bet to take care for his woman. Now you know why women love men with neat beards !!!

Let’s go;

  1. Wash, wash, wash that beard.

Serving its purpose, it houses sweat, dust, dirt and you meet that almost everyday. So bold of you to think that the water that flows through it when you are standing under the shower is enough to rid you of all that! Get yourself a shampoo and give that beard time to wash up for about an average 5 minutes depending on how thick that beard is. It will keep it fresh and save it from getting a wrong odor.

2.  Apply beard oil,moisturizer and conditioner. 

A lay man has been groomed to accuse beard oil to be a beard growth enhancer but this is not the reason for it! Beard oil is set to condition that beard, give it a great scent and make it shine. On top of that, a moisturizer and conditioner can be applied to the beard to keep it from losing the moisture it has gained and from looking dry and  pale. Do not forget that African hair is not 100% black so you need to enhance its shade to achieve a subtle look.

3. Trim overgrowth.

Obviously you are letting the beard grow wild but it is not a guarantee that it should go WILD!!! Get yourself a trimmer, a barber schedule or a pair of scissors to always clear out that overgrowth in case it comes up. There are always those strands of hair that feel thatthey are more special than others. They feel they gotta stand out. Those are the very ones you should be trimming out so they don’t make you look like a bush man. Beyond that, there is equally overgrowth that reaches the neckline and it gives off a bushy look. You eventually need to have these trimmed as soon as they grow. How fast you do that depends a lot on your beard growth rate.

It is equally important to develop a beard care schedule for yourself so that you may not have to fall short of the nice look you so desire. And well men are usually busy and do not have a lot of time to tend to such aspects of body care. This explains why a number of men actually shave it clean yet they still need their beards at heart. A beard care schedule does not just sound like hitting two birds with one stone…it is actually that. 

It is a huge offence seeing a man looking wrong with a malnourished beard. Please care for that beard essentially!!!

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Zaake Joshua Sserufusa

( Creative Outlaw & Fashion Writer )

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