NOVEMBER is here – Why it’s also called “NO SHAVE NOVEMBER !!”

MOVEMBER……also known as ‘No shave November‘. That month where men get to grow their beards (moustaches in particular) as wild and huge as possible because their fellow men are growing it and they are supposed to grow it. 

But do you know why it is called Movember or No shave November??? Many years ago ( because I was not yet born and was not a good history student so I cannot give you the date ) a group of men in America felt it was important to understand that men’s health regarding cancer and mental health (in line with suicide) was really important. Greatest effort being prostate cancer, testicular cancer and suicide. For a long time, men had been suffering silently from these diseases and have definitely claimed hundreds and hundreds of men. For that reason, these smart men came together to claim November with the most visible macho part on a man-the beard, in a bid to spread awarenesses and sensitize masses of men of this silent killer not only in real life but in bed too. In the same line, the urge to equally raise funds to help those many men that did not have the ability to access sufficient medical treatment due to financial constraints.

So dear sister busy claiming that men are dogs…see what dogs can do for themselves!!! I am not here to preach about men being and not being dogs! That is probably a debate for yet another day. And it is great advice to all the men out there to understand their status regarding this matter. The lifestyle changes these days are so insane they favour the growth of the disease and that is so worrying. So be all about the disease simply because this is the month for you to do all that! Do not just grow a healthy beard because everyone else is doing that. Please understand the purpose behind the action.

In solidarity, let us all men come together and support one another in this new month. Share any information you can come across regarding this matter as much as possible. If you are or think you are  suffering, seek medical attention and help. There are very many charities and hospitals out there that are going to be offering prostate cancer screening just in support of all the men out there. You may actually think you are alone but it is downing a lot of men. By the time this cause came up many years ago probably it had already claimed a lot of men. These days the population figures have scaled and definitely so has the cancer.

Gone are the days when such diseases were a ‘special’ reserve for the aged group of men as it has normally been put. It’s commonly known to attack men of 45 years of age and above. However, sadly, I saw an invitation to fundraise for a counterpart  that is suffering from the same cancer on my Facebook page just a few months ago. And he is only 21! So how sure are you that you are safe. This is one cancer that does not segregate when it comes to matters of attacking men…and that is the bad news. The good news is that you can segregate it too depending on your lifestyle and health habits. I will definitely expound more on this next week after doing the necessary Lisa-chi (read research).

So in this new month, let us as men stand up against the Prostate cancer , testicular cancer and suicide in men diseases in a bid to see to it that we eradicate it from the world for good. I know such topics bring goosebumps (as much as HIV does) but please let’s raise awareness, know your status and groom better healthy habits. 

At the same time, do not forget to groom the beards. We want to see a lot of them this year.

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Zaake Joshua Sserufusa

( Creative Outlaw & Fashion Writer )

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