What to look out for before purchasing that leather jacket!

…ABOUT THE LEATHER JACKET !!!Over the years, leather has been the identity of bikers all over the world because it is a pretty heavy material that offers a warmth guarantee and protection. Beyond all this, it equally looks cool and badass ( yes you read that right!BADASS!!!) And because it looks cool, the entire world has grown to borrow simple pieces of the outfits to match the emoji dressed in sunnies. To be precise it has always been the leather jacket.

For the fact that it gives off a tough look and is warm, it is a wet season back here in the tropics of the world. With a lot of people looking it’s direction right now, we can be sure that many more are going to find there way to the streets of the banana republic. Hope you have kept yours well all this time. If you haven’t been among those few that have kept theirs well, here is a guide you must look at before stepping out into that store once again to purchase one. Let’s go;

1.Cheap is a fraud. Remember that quote that says that anything that comes  cheap is really expensive and a fraud? Neither do I!  But if you are going to go out to purchase yourself a leather jacket, the last thing you want to do is get yourself a dupe because a cheap one is obviously going to deliver you one. And well since it’s more like a second skin ( secondarily because it is made out of that) and is a one-time investment, going deep into your pockets to pay up for that expensive jacket is ideal for you. Make sure you do not leave your brain behind. Fake is everywhere,only that expensive reduces the chances of getting a dupe. I repeat only reduces!

2. Make sure the shoulder length is just right. As a first piece of advice, avoid the online buys for things like this. And the reason is simple-these jackets are made to fit just about anyone so the chances that it will match up to your needs are abnormally low. Unless the store has a free return or exchange policy, don’t bother! This is one of those items you feel should be shipped in the conventional manner. Perfectly fitting shoulder length will fit you just right and won’t make your upper torso look too big for nothing!

3. Arm holes. These are where you arms pass to slide down the sleeves of your jacket. Ensure that the arm-holes are big enough to not only let your arm slide down easily but also to avoid the inner cloth layering sticking into your armpits. It can get quite hot in there and adding the discomfort of continuously having to adjust the inner layering is going to have you continuously cursing why the arm holes are that small. This is one of those simple hacks we forget when we are going shopping but eventually turn out to be a huge menace in the long run.

4. Length of the jacket. For it’s design and function, the leather jacket needn’t be longer than your pockets unless it is a duster, an overcoat or  anything close to that. This is to let you easily move your body in peace,grant you easy access to your pockets  simply because leather is a tough material you do not want to be battling each time to access whatever you have in your pockets. As long as it covering all the way to the area just above the pockets, it is going to do you a lot of good. On a lighter note,it is a design aspect the short have got to thank the designers for. It makes one look taller and more pronounced.

5. Sleeve length. For most of the fashion apparel you are going to access or want to use anywhere, you are going to get advice that sounds like ‘make sure the sleeves are either shorter or just it’. For this one, it is the total opposite. Make sure the sleeves are longer than usual. This is because the leather jacket is not necessarily formal and takes on more of it’s functional role than anything else. This implies you are going to be moving your hands constantly,fold them among other movements. Seeing it hang above the wrist always is sickening to the eye. It also guarantees warmth.

6. Ensure it is full-grain and not faux leather. Full-grain is the kind of leather that promises that it is original and assures you of a long-term relationship with your jacket that will probably graduate to marriage…and it usually does. No one ever lets go of an original jacket under normal conditions. This explains why it is expensive. On the other hand, faux leather looks really nice in the start because of that plastic look&shine and can actually convince you it is going to have you up for a long term service. As usually put “it will end in tears”, such a purchase is no exception. Since it is from synthetic material, the points of contact and the top layer soon wear off and all you are left with is not only a messy jacket but a broken jacket relationship too. Jacket purchases are meant to last a really long time. Precisely, this takes me back to point 1;cheap is a fraud.

7. Hues and shades. This is probably the last bit you should be worrying about as you are up for your purchase. This is because leather jackets usually come in the usual black,brown,tan,gray,biege and the relatives. You needn’t worry about the shade but you should be 98% sure that you are going to have to get it in a neutral shade.

Extra. Since it’s a tough material,the aspect of maintenance is usually overlooked and taken lightly. But these jackets need to have care that is profound. Do not iron(I am actually wondering how you’d even start). Store flat, roll it or dress it on a hanger. You can be sure it will last long. In case it gets wet, hang it to dry but away from extreme heat.

The leather jacket is a sure bet of a badass, cool and stylish look accompanied with warmth. Have these aspects in check and you can be sure that you will have your jacket for a lifetime.

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Zaake Joshua Sserufusa

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