What you missed at the Y+ BEAUTY PAGEANT 2020.

For yet its 7th edition of a massive campaign against the most prominent and socially discriminative virus in the world through celebrating of beauty, 20th November,2020 was the day to fix acrown over the heads of the new Mister and Miss Y+ for the year 2020/2021. The Y+ Beauty Pageant is a unique pageant organized by Uganda Network of Young People Living With HIV/AIDS (UNYPA).

The pageant boasts of 7 solid years of celebrating beauty and fashion minus discrimination. It is a pageant set out to empower the young people in Uganda living with HIV/AIDS and encourage them to go and test for this virus. Undeniably fashion and design is one of the fields that inspire and excite a huge section of the youth. Therefore, UNYPA partnering with almost all the major stakeholders of the fight against the virus in Uganda is a well placed slap across the virus’ face. It is clear that the fight is going to be wonderful, successful and obviously on the right track. Adding the fact that the biggest percentage of the Pearl of Uganda’s populationis young, the efforts are going to pay off.

This year, despite being hit with the novel Covid-19 virus, the pageant was not stopped from going down. The auditions in all regions went down successful followed by the much anticipated Boot camp; a set of days put together at the shores of Lake Victoria filled with fun activities, counseling,testing,talent shows and a series of celebrity appearances. It was visibly an exciting experience. 

Seeing the models stroll down the runway was a clear sign that Joram Muzira of Joram Model Management had done a good job in not only chiseling these fashion enthusiasts, but also in organising the pageant. The efforts of the team leader at UNYPA are equallynot to go unnoticed or be underestimated. The show was clearly a success.

Facing off with a panel of 3 judges, the people voted and the winners were a one Aol Gladys as the Miss Y+ and Otim Oscar as the Mister Y+. In their sashes, it was definately by no doubt they were the right people. Dotted with performances from Spice Diana, Lillian Mbabazi and others it was a jolly event. 

Honestly,it caught my eye for the very first time since it started out but the cause is really awesome and hope for a lot more to follow suit. Cheers to UNYPA and its partners! We await yet another edition of pomp and glamour.

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Zaake Joshua Sserufusa

( Creative Outlaw & Fashion Writer )

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