Christmas ideas to make it festive !

Tis’ the season to be jolly and wait for Santa’s sleigh with all his elves with a bag of gifts. From Santa and his side kick’s the elves, we can surely pick the jolliest of ideas.

Santa dresses in an all red outfit that is punctuated with white, black boots with his custom accessory-the white beard and nothing short of that. The elves dress in all green outfits,black belts, red and white long socks with black shoes(am convinced they are called Aladiin shoes till today).

I think the oufits look so cool because they are all in a white setting. Its a snowy setting so  there is a way white adds an extra pomp and glamour. That simply makes the colours pronounced that we cannot help but notice.

If you have not yet done your christmas shopping either because you are spoilt for choice or are just lazy to get yourself or someone a gift, here are the simple ideas I would love to offer…for free;

1.Black boots. 

They not only look so cool but also bring a badass look home. They offer that I-am-ready-to-get-past-everything look that any breed of boots will simply offer. It has been a tough year and well you have been tough enough to get around all this, why not reward yourself with a pair of nice boots. Chelsea boots or Desert boots are great cuisine for the start.

2. A nice leather belt.

The biggest thing that is going to offend your look is to move around with a poor belt. Simply put- why would you don a faux leather belt? The biggest and best thing you’ll need to do for yourself is get all the blessings next year is going to bring for you put in one place and that is around your waist. Get yourself a nice leather belt!

3. A green or red monotone sweatshirt. 

Something about sweatshirts and making you look like a real rich kid from Hollywood or Beverly Hills. Why not gift yourself or a loved one a sweatshirt in green or red? What reason will you give Jesus when he asks why you are unwrapping a colour short of the christmas colours a day after he has come to earth? He is coming to save all…but save yourself first.

4. Playful socks.

There are those days you are staying back in the house and it is abnormally cold. Such days are really boring and looking at your cold feet in a pair of playful socks is going to save you some depression. They are equally a custom gift for christmas. Usually given by grandmas to their grandchildren. But hey you don’t need to get  someone to think about you first. Think about yourself. 

5. Head-Socks.

There are a bunch of days you do not want to comb your hair and you don’t want to move around with everyone looking at your hair. If you’ve gotten a baldie in a cold/wet season, I am certain that you know how important head gear is. And christmas happens around such a season of the year. You do not want to face the same challenge with such priceless advice.

Tis the season to give and this advice is my gift to you.


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Zaake Joshua Sserufusa

( Creative Outlaw & Fashion Writer )

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