Here are various ways “BOTOX INJECTION” is important in the skin-care realm!

As usual I am always minding my business when I land on interesting things…blah blah blah. I was not given this column to create loose banter. Last week, I was actually digging through the gram when I got to learn of a one interesting skin care remedy / item called ‘Botox’. I am certain anyone who has never paid a courtesy visit to the dermatologist ( those guys that treat our skins) has just ever heard about it. I am one of them and so are you….but that was till a few days ago. 

Well according to Uncle-Always-Informed-With-A-Feminine-Voice ( read google), botox is a neurotoxic protein produced by the bacterium clostridium botulinum and related species that prevents release of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine from axon endings at the neuromuscular junction, tbus causing flaccid paralysis. A lot of biology and dermatology I am in no position to explain.

Simply put in context, Botox is an enzyme that paralyses specific nerve endings as particularly prefered by the user. These user preferences are so many they have had many people that have a reason to visit the dermatologist for their personal reasons. Some more may actually realise today that they actually do need the Botox injection. 

This thing sounds too doctor-ish but here are the various ways its important in the skin-care realm. Let’s go;

1. Reduce facial wrinkles.

Lately, the biggest trend has been looking years younger. Actually it is ‘young forever’ and that does not seem to be fading soon. As in, who does not want to seriously look younger? Here is an answer. Skin contractions and expansions are exactly what cause wrinkles regardless of the factors surrounding it. Botox injections avoid exactly that. Say bye-bye to.wrinkles.

2. Excessive sweating.

So interesting I got to learn about Botox injections when Bettinah Tianah was actually going under the same procedure on the same grounds. Since Botox causes flaccid paralysis, the excessive sweating is lessened and the amount of sweat that comes out of all points where sweat must come out is reduced. These areas include the palms, armpits, face and others. You just cannot wear skin tight or skin show-offclothes if you have you have such a challenge. Choose one struggle ;either always look a mess wearing these outfits with maps of sweat or visit your dermatologist to get a Botox injection.

3. Lazy eye.

Some people have lazy eyes and they honestly look so sexy that they have convinced themselves to keep them. Then there is that breed of lazy eyed people that have been so uncomfortable with it all their lives. Here is an answer. The reason and explanation is as good as that of wrinkles.

4.Eye twitching.

As kids growing up, we were told this happens because we are yet to see something new and  obviously interesting in the near future. The truth in it has continuously been put to shame by our Biology teachers and the fact that we are simply maturing. Literally everyone has felt that simple twitch that comes really rarely which is very okay. But if it occurs often, you may need to seek the help of a Botox injection to keep that twitch in check. People wink, but you cannot do it all the time. That is exactly what someone with this same condition looks like.

The same injection serves other various purposes that include; Treating Neck spasms(neck muscles dysfunction) bladder dysfunction(urine continence) and chronic migraines. There are so.much more that the doctors know depending on one’s circumstance.

Pizza is best served hot but that does not mean that it will leave your tongue the same. The same analogy applies to Botox injections. It has its side effects that unoccasionally outweigh the benefits. They are relative though. They include; Swelling at the injection site, headache and flue, tearing or dryness of the eyes, crooked smile, abnormally shaped eyelids among others.

Since it is an enzyme, it is advisable to use it under normal body conditions as it can alter some hormonal work in case it finds the body out of normal operating conditions that include pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Botox injections are an easy, amazing and important solution to those that need a forever young look and avoid excessive sweating. Visit your doctor today for guidance on how to use them. They work. 

Happy skin, happy glow!

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Zaake Joshua Sserufusa

( Creative Outlaw & Fashion Writer )

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