Here is what Fashion Creatives brought in 2020 !

THEY CAME,THEY SAW…AND THEIR MISSION IS TO CONQUER!! Whoever talks about tweny tweny and does not mention COVID-19 anywhere lived in a different edition of time…and that was ‘Two thousand twenty’. It all started out as good year with great vibes, great plans and great smiles. This was yet to be shortlived by some puny virus. It got us on our knees and definitely still has us there. 

In the beginning we were all scared and beaten down. Some took the defeat, others stood up to the virus and said the mission for the year must go down regardless. Probably those are the ones that should be having the nerve to chant “…emitiima gyakaluba, tetulina bitengo.” When a huge challenge boldly makes a stop at your doorstep, you don’t add a new padlock; you open the damn door and slap it straight across the face. This is exactly what a series of creatives did this year and we can do nothing less of applaud them. Let’s go;

1. Online exhibitions.

Before all hell broke loose, it had certainly never crossed a bunch of stakeholders in the business that you could have an online exhibition at your store with absolutely few or no people and still reap as much as having a real show. I know it still beats some people’s understanding but that is a topic for yet another day. A series of online exhibitions were held by Sham Tyra, Kaijuka Abbas and many more on the international scene. The awe  has still taken a tight grip on us but we aint complaining. Its not like we were certain it was gonna be. We are hoping for more.

2. 3D models.

Almost all the models I relate with have still not recovered from the shock that a pile of virtual creatures that cannot speak or even think can strut down the runway better than them. To make matters worse, they seamlessly meet all the needed model specifications and desires. The founder of K-Rafael couture, Raphael Kasule has been running a series of these exhibitions with 3D models donning his designs. He seems to be spreading the gospel far and wide as he directed a similar show for a one drop-dead-gorgeous gown producer Sham Tyra in the middle of the year. I love the human touch but with a fusion of tech, I cannot guarantee the place of the model at the table anymore.

3. Puppets.

Italy is home to one of the most stylish people in the world, biggest trends and insanely amazing fashion. They did that again this year. As has been the norm, setting a goal to be on the Milan Fashion Week runway by most international models has been an achievement to look out for. The creative directors at one of the most anticipated fashion shows have seemingly made the dream invalid. They employed puppets this year that donned all the outfits and well like the 3D models, match the specification needs of the designers. They are surely pricey to procure  but seeing many more of them in the future will not come by surprise.

4. Masks.

When we were told to don a mask each moment you made an appearance in the public,many of us did not seem to take that serious. As in, how do you expect me to cover up my mouth and nose each minute of day??? The narrative has changed over time as some designers have chosen to create masks that are so enticing to the eye & so comfy you want to be putting on one each minute of the day. Its sounds like hitting three birds with one stone. Looks stylish, save yourself and save others. How beautiful can that get?

5. Tailored outfits.

Ready-to-wear brands are reportedly loosing grip of their market share and are asking themselves what the problem is and yes; this is the answer. People have chosen to get so personal with their dressing needs that they need to direct each step of the way and only a tailor can afford to do that. Tailors are the way to go now. Tailoring brands are minting all the new and old money. I don’t know about the future of ready-to-wear brands but tailoring brands are here to not only make the future bright  but  also have a bright future.

Tweny tweny has been so tough yet at the same time amazing. Various people have been put in a position where their creative juices are doing the magic for them and are reaping big from it. Like I said “…and their mission is to conquer!!!”. So shall it be.


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Zaake Joshua Sserufusa

( Creative Outlaw & Fashion Writer )

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