Is FASHION CONFIDENCE not the best accessory?

You know all those sayings about how confidence will do you all the greatest wonders there are on Earth? …neither do I. But all I know is that confidence has and will get a whole lot more accomplished than what the actual item could do for itself. Finally…I finally affirm that fortune favours the bold.

With confidence, the most outrageous and purportedly deemed insane outfits have made there way to our tables and we have upheld them yet would have responded otherwise if we were not masked with unremarkable sheer confidence. There are moments we actually sat back and asked ourselves how we have gotten to have some outfits be such a hit and the dots just not connect.

Thanks to Kanye West(Ye), trashy is now cool. He is the first guy that had to parade and serve our feed with “trashy” clothes that were of the damage make. At first we threw all our tantrums and ridiculous criticism about how insane we humans could be to be influenced by a rich man to wear trashy clothes. And well not even a decade later, 7 out of every 20 people have a damaged outfit that they hold dear. He’s also made designs of his Yeezy shoes and honestly before the ordinary eye it looks like crap. But with his confidence, he is actually a creative outlaw, he has set out all his productions to be highly anticipated and held in high regard. With all this, he has been elevated to billionaire status with his shoe company,Yeezy contributing the largest share. So much confidence can do.

In the Banana republic, we are host to a one Brian Ahumuza popularly known as Abryanz that is the CEO of Abryanz Collections and Founder of Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards(ASFAs).We shall not act like we have not seen the socially deemed ugly and terrible outfits he has worn and moments later is having a series of people take on the same feats affirming the ‘He who laughs last laughs best’ adage. Undoubtedly, he is the fashion God here and well he has inspired and still inspires a series of  personalities here simply because of his confidence.

Whoever wore the long slit-busty show-off with insane waterfalls gowns was not treated to kind words by the ever present plenary of outfit recipients back then. As I type this, this is probably the only kind of gown that makes sense to ladies …the rest are out of Vogue. Dressing in one of these new day gowns is exactly going to earn you “Best dressed female” awards some kinda way. Thanks to someone’s confidence.

I happened to see one of the first guys that had to don sneakers on a conventional suit. So daring and confident. Mind you the conventional suit listens to nothing but a dress shoe. But here was Justin Timberlake at the Grammy awards(whose edition I have forgotten) donning sneakers on this type of suit. He was judged of course in due kindness appreciation and obviously disdain. Today, its all normal like as if our grannies did the same. But he stood tall when he wore his sneakers on a suit.

Many a time, we shall be told that even though you dress so good but leave your confidence in the wardrobe, you shall be outdressed by someone in a terrible outfit with his confidence in full blast. And that is just so true and need not be subjected to debate. Moments we have seen people in basic suits get the Best dressed accolade at cocktail events and those with drop dead classy suits walk away with their heads literally mopping the floor.

All am trying to say is that confidence adds an extra sparkle and spice to someone that being otherwise will never do regardless of how great someone looks. Someone that is not confident has a way of dulling and toning down an outfit and it looks wrong. All outfits we are holding so dear started out with someone that wore them with a high level of confidence and believed in themselves.

So if you need to stand tall, smile, raise your chest, push out your bust and so much more, do it because you are not only motivating a revolution but are also making yourself look good. That’s the best thing you’ll do for yourself simply because no one will do it for you.

Confidence is simply the best and most timeless accessory of all time.

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Zaake Joshua Sserufusa

( Creative Outlaw & Fashion Writer )

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