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Each MP to pocket Shs300m for new car in the 11th Parliament.

BY; WatchDogUganda — Legislators in the 11th parliament will be receiving Shs321 million each to buy new cars.

This will cost taxpayers Shs165 billion to fulfill the budget for MPs motor vehicle allowances. The 11th parliament has 514 MPs. Speaking to Uganda Radio Network on Monday, Finance Minister Matia Kasaija said the money will have to be availed because the MPs need transport, especially the first termers. When asked how much each MP will be entitled to and whether it was indeed Sh321m Kasaija said that that figure will have to be determined by the Parliamentary Commission on which he himself sits.

“Every MP must get a car. Especially the new ones…..but the amount will depend on what the Parliamentary Commission determines. If we have the money we will provide, if we do not have the money we can give half, or a quarter then the MP can go and determine what type of car he can get,” Kasaija noted. In the 10th Parliament government spent nearly Shs110 billion on motor vehicle funds awarded to MPs. The money was released in two installments with MPs getting Shs100 million each in October 2016 following a release of Shs64.5 billion, MPs were to get an additional Shs100 million each following release of Shs45.8 billion  in June 2017.

The 11th parliament is set to see the amount spent on the MPs’ car allowance rise by Shs55 billion to Shs165 billion owing to an increase in number of MPs from 448 to 514. This translates into a cash out of Shs321 million  per MP.

There are no costs involved in this implementing the MPs’ car ‘programme’ as the money is simply wired to MPs to spend as each chooses. When the (new) MP are undergoing orientation, car dealer swamp the premises offering ‘bargain’ deals to the members, but there are no conditions, standards or guidelines for the MPs to follow and one can even choose not to buy a car.

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