Here is why you need a personal Tailor.

For starters, if you intend to have a great year in all aspects that have to have you wear something, you need to have a personal tailor. Having a personal tailor sounds like a boss-move…like those things rich people do. And yes that is what rich people do. But you can have one as well. Not in the sense of always having him or her at your disposal but actually having that same one person to do you all your tailoring. Sounds as good as a personal tailor. With consistency and commitment to your relationship, you are going to grow into one stylish person amd that’ll start with your tailor. Here is exactly why you need one;

1. Customize your outfits. Under normal conditions, a tailor is that person that starts from scratch till its done to suit customer needs. In short, he tails a preference. This means that you can get to direct every step of the way as you so desire. He will start with your body measurements and also knowing what you actually want your outfit to be. And there you are telling him all that you need, you are sure to find it no where else unless you are reproducing an outfit you saw on some red-carpet show on E! It comes out as you wish and you are a happy client. That’s a beautiful story when you visit a tailor-you need to have many of these!

2. Alter clothes to fit. The clothes market is largely filled with ready to wear outfits that are made from standard measurements. This means that it will cater for the few that seamlessly fit into those measurements-who are very many. And if you find yourself out of proportion, anha? Your answer is as good as mine. You will need to visit the tailor. A tailor is going to help you alter you waist size, taper the pants, enlarge there, reduce here blah blah blah. With these increasing online shopping disappointments, the visits to the tailor are as many as you could think because of all the obvious reasons. At the end of the day, you are going to move out of the workshop a happy person ready to enjoy their outfit.

3. Save your money & time. This is a special reserve for people that have developed a really personal relationahip with the tailor. And this only comes with investing a lot of time, frequent visits and of course not offering the tailor a headache each time you pay the work station a visit. Over time, a great tailor gets to understand your body measurements and preferences, will remind you of the good cheaper material he saw in Hajji’s shop in Kiyembe and so much more. That is not the only win. Imagine receiving an events invitation card and all you need to do is call up your tailor and its all done. That’s the beauty of commitment.

4. Free advice. Many a time, you have to pay a stylist to help you get your sh*t together. And if you choose not to, you are going to move around as the biggest hell of a disaster the world will see that day. Thanks to the “who wore this wrong?”,”who is distributing these outfits?”…and so many other columns, you will have a huge pool of critique. But that is exactly not what you want. When you step out to your tailor and tell them what you want, he/she will be able to advise you on whether to switch up things a bit, tone down something and so on. You eventually don’t have to die alone. The most interesting bit is that you can get to count on him/her anytime because this is their area of expertise. All this being done for free.

It’d be totally insane if you gave me just one tiny-winy reason as to why you don’t need a personal tailor. Not forgetting, not every tailor will work for you. You need to get a professional. Okay professional sounds a little too serious. You need to get a great tailor. This is something you don’t need advice about, it comes in auto-mode because you need the best.

Tailor your way through life with a great tailor.

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Zaake Joshua Sserufusa

( Creative Outlaw & Fashion Writer )

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