LADIES!- What are your intensions with a protruding Biker ?

It is not my habit to rant…I don’t even know how to do it. But today I really felt that I’d actually had enough of women using bikers wrongly and came out to say something.

Last week, I met a really really hot middle aged woman. The fact that she looked really good is one I’ll get to when my disappointment has faded. She actually crowned the rage of continuously meeting women that dress sharp with a biker portruding! So each time I see a lady in such a condition the first thing that crosses my mind is ‘the hell!!!$^*/$^$…did she have to do that to herself???’.

According to my knowledge, bikers are originally undergarments. This means that they are supposed to be under the wear not under-outside the wear. You are actually as good as a man that dresses in pants and the boxers bulge just above the waist line and seem to be comfortable about it…well because they move with their heads high. I think they think its macho.( but these ones will be a topic for yet another day). 

Bikers are actually meant to offer comfort as they come seamless, light material and body tight. There is something about tightness of clothes that gives women comfort. So ironic. Above all, bikers are meant to have one feel absolutely sexy yet safe with their outfits- short dresses to be precise. When you don a short dress with a mother’s union knicker or g-string inside, you won’t feel as comfortable because you are sure wind is coming from either direction anytime to blow it up, you are not sure some funny guy won’t flip your dress anytime as you are walking down the streets and you can’t even think of bending over with ease because there is everything to hide underneath. This is exactly where bikers come in. To have you wear in your short dress and remain absolutely comfortable. Everything to hide is hidden.

With a growing deterioration in the definition of private parts these days, another edition of bikers have been created. These are definately more sexy and comfortable. They come in a much different material that is stronger and heavier than the one meant for underwear and are visibly outer wear. You wouldn’t ever consider putting them inside. And girls that understand them with really great bodies use them each day with ease. Prolly with a t-shirt on or a crop-top to twist more necks than usual. 

Not forgetting that they come in different lengths, you are going to have to be picky while selecting what to wear. With a short dress, you have to use a shorter one. That is how you won’t have to have me writing about you because it looks all colours of the word wrong wrong. The longer ones can apply for the longer dresses, your conservatism scale and well preference. 

That is how bikers are used. Under-wear kind and outer-wear kind are well catered for. Hope my rant just helped. Like I said, I don’t know how to rant. But if I did it good, I am gonna keep up. If not, this is only the first time. 

And yes that lady that inspired today’s article was really beautiful. Felt I needed her number.

Enjoy your bikers!

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Zaake Joshua Sserufusa

( Creative Outlaw & Fashion Writer )

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