More Facts About Judith, The Woman Behind Archibishop Ntagali’s Fall

BY TOWERPOST ————– Following the suspension of former Archbishop Stanley Ntagali from performing church duties over adultery, more details have continued to emerge about the affair that landed him in trouble.

Ntagali was accused of cheating on his wife Beatrice Ntagali with another married woman. It has since been established that the woman in question is Judith Tukamuhebwa, who was married to Bishop Barham University lecturer Rev. Christopher Tugumeahabwe.

Judith and Christopher got married on December 18, 2018 at St. Peter’s Cathedral Rugarama in Kabala, a few months after Christopher had lost his wife. The duo’s marriage however didn’t move quite as planned as they hit a number of hiccups along the way. Being a family friend, Ntagali found himself in a position where he had to become the mediator to make sure the couple gets back to track, but this didn’t yield the expected results as the lady instead caught feelings for the archbishop.

This website understands that in December 2020, Judith filed for divorce in the Kabale Chief Magistrates court citing cruelty from her partner, Rev. Christopher Tugumeahabwe. She said that her husband had repeatedly assaulted her and that she had been reporting the matters to Police. The divorce is still pending a hearing.

Couple Separates

After repeated friction between Judith and her husband, they split up and started staying in different places. Rev. Christopher remained staying in Kabale where he works while Judith moved to Mbarara. It’s during this time that Judith mothered a child but her husband refused to take responsibility claiming they were not practicing conjugal rights anymore. He refused to provide any child support which sent Judith to their mediator.

Reports indicate that Judith reached out to Archbishop Ntagali for help in raising the child but he was not responding. It’s Ntagali’s friends who came through and provided support to the child having known that the relationship between Judith and the archbishop had become romantic. Prior to Judith’s wedding with Rev. Tugumeahabwe, she allegedly had another lover who sources identified as Isaac Akamutuha who is now living abroad.

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