Mzee Abdul is not Diamond Platnumz’s biological dad – Diamond’s mum.

The controversial paternity surrounding Bongo star Diamond Platnumz has been laid to rest by his mother Sandrah, who said Mzee Abdul Juma is not the singer’s biological father.

Diamond has many times been called out by fans for abandoning Mzee Abdul, who was believed to be his father. Fed up, his mother set the record straight, saying Mzee Abdul only briefly raised Diamond before walking out of his life. She unleashed photos of a man with a striking resemblance with Diamond. Later in an exclusive interview with Wasafi radio, she said she met Mzee Abdul when she was already pregnant.

“Diamond’s dad is called Salum Iddy Nyange. Mzee Abdul ni Baba Mlezi wa Diamond. He refused Diamond’s pregnancy since the first days, saying it was not his. I have told him many times and so he already knew,” she said. “Like I say every day, had he accepted the pregnancy while still young, he would be Diamond’s dad, but that was his mistake. He did not help us in any way since nursery school to secondary school.”

Mzee Abdul

Addressing the revelation on Tanzanian media, Mzee Abdul said he is finally glad and relieved. “This is because there were so many things I kept asking myself, like why is it that when I want something I cannot get it but when others ask, they end up getting it?’ He added that he had no clue about it. “Turns out, she and her son Mzee Adbsat down behind my back and planned their things and now I got the answers in this short time, that I am not Diamond’s biological father.”

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