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POLICE: We shall evacuate Kyagulanyi’s home but he’s still under our close surveillances.

Police accepts vacating Hon Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu’s home after High Court orders but promise to continue surveillance over him.

Early Monday, High Court in Kampala ruled that it is illegal for security organs including the army and police to keep on confining Kyagulanyi at his home open-endedly and hence directed their departure.

On that basis, Police spokesperson, Mr. Fred Enanga responded whereas they have not received any ruling, they will however abide by the directives to free Kyagulanyi’s home.

Although we have not obtained a copy of ruling, as a law-abiding institution and one that upholds the law, we are going to abide by the ruling. The security detail will vacate the home of Hon. Kyagulanyi,” relayed the police mouthpiece.

Uganda's police spokesperson Fred Enanga addresses the media on the rescue  of Kimberley Sue Endecott at the police headquarters in Kampala |
Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga. FILE PHOTO

Previously, the State stressed that confinement of Hon. Kyagulanyi was meant to stop him from initiating riots in protest of the results from 14 January elections. Additionally, it was to prevent him from breaking the law by organizing processions to violate the COVID-19 guidelines as prior set by the Ministry of Health.

Notably on Monday, High Court in Kampala dismissed the claims saying there is no evidence to prove them and therefore if there’s any, the National Unity Platform leader, Hon Kyagulanyi Ssentamu should be impeached before courts of law.

These are all serious allegations of grave offences and it would be proper to follow the due process of the law in regards all the allegations made against the applicant. The due process has been defined as conducting criminal proceedings against the applicant,”

According to Fred Enanga, the police spokesperson, said that they are willing to abide by the ruling, however, they are maintaining surveillance on him.

We shall maintain surveillance to ensure he doesn’t break the law. We have to ensure security is maintained since it is our prerogative to ensure we detect and prevent crime,” Enanga said on Monday.

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