Prophet Mbonye endorses Museveni for presidency, dumps Kabuleta.

by watchdog Uganda

Eversince Joseph Kabuleta declared his intentions to stand for presidency, there have been lingering questions on whether his ‘boss’ Prophet Elvis Mbonye is behind him or not.

When Kabuleta revealed that he was standing for the biggest office in Uganda in July last year, followers of the flamboyant man of God-Mbonye enthusiastically backed him and started sharing his videos on their platforms. But that presumption fell apart when Mbonye’s oft-media spokesperson Simon Ssenyonga, in a video that went viral on social media, appeared to say that Kabuleta was a stray bird flying on his own.

“Anyone who comes and honors the prophet can win the presidency, including the incumbent,” Ssenyonga said, leaving many so-called Remnants confused. “God is not with any of those candidates who have expressed interest in becoming president.” Ssenyonga said. Many of Mbonye’s followers, however, consider Ssenyonga’s position to be official because he speaks for the Prophet’s de-facto deputy, a hardliner woman called Lorna Katusiime, an economic planner at Bank of Uganda, who is also rumored to be the young lawyer’s financier. The Journalist turned pastor is one of Mbonye’s close confidant and he is much remembered in 2017 when he kissed the latter’s shoes during a function to honour the man of God for his good services towards remnants.

It is a mark of respect for our leaders. After elections speaker of Parliament (Rebecca) Kadaga bowed before a witchdoctor and no one said a thing.All your leaders in government visit witchdoctors. Why are you only making noise about our Prophet? This is the highest level of double standards,” Kabuleta fumed. Prophets world over must be given respect because they represent God. I don’t have time for the pope because I don’t believe in him. If I find him anywhere I will just pass by because I don’t see him as a representative of God. I see God in Prophet Mbonye, it’s my belief and I know what God has done with him” Kabuleta said during an interview with a local media channel following the incident.

Kabuleta is among the 12 presidential candidates who are vying for presidency but his ‘boss’ has never declared his support towards him; probably because he is not his favorite candidate. Meanwhile, Mbonye’s stand was on Tuesday brought to light when he officially endorsed President Yoweri Museveni.

Mbonye and other prominent city Pastors yesterday visited President Museveni at State House Entebbe, to show that they are right behind him.

“President Museveni has today met a group of religious leaders (pastors Elvis Mbonye, Mondo, Brother Ronnie, among others) at State House Entebbe where they not only prayed for the country but also victory for the President come Thursday,” Don Wanyama, the Senior Presidential Press Secretary said in a social media post.

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